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    HELP! Taking over our tank

    This stuff started growing when we switched over to LEDs. After about a week or so with the new lights this hair started to grow all over the back wall. Its been growing and spreading to the rock and coral. It doesn't look like bryopsis which we have had in the past. Please see the pictures and...
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    Encrusting Montipora sick? or normal?

    So we have had this frag for a couple months and he has started to grow but we aren't sure if the new growth should look like that. Is it normal for that much skeleton to be showing? or is something wrong?
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    Bap's RSM 250 Tank thread

    Hi everyone, Our Red Sea Max 250 is a family project. We started it back in January 2014 so it is 6 months old. In these past couple of months we have had some issues that I will get to in the next post. For now, let me tell you a little about what we have in it and what we have done to it...
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    New to the hobby with a RSM 250

    Hi everyone, We are a family that has been in the world of fish, coral, and all things saltwater for almost 6 months now. By family I mean the three out of six people that live here who actually take care and nurture the tank. It's myself, my brother, and my mother who have taken on this...