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  1. Mike Johnson

    The Twilight Zone
  2. Mike Johnson

    New to me.
  3. Mike Johnson

    Massive coral colony I spent 3 1/2 years in Okinawa, a lot of that time was in the water.
  4. Mike Johnson

    Amazing Octopus Camoflage
  5. Mike Johnson

    Hawaiian Corals Recover From Bleaching

    Don't want to get into a political debate, but nature has a way of taking care of herself.
  6. Mike Johnson

    Be an informed aquarist.
  7. Mike Johnson

    Rescueing baby sharks.
  8. Mike Johnson

    Photo of Anglerfish
  9. Mike Johnson

    Milking a Stonefish
  10. Mike Johnson


    Dove/snorkeled there a lot in the late '70's. There were plenty of things that would kill you then, too. Wow, bacteria in Florida, jellyfish, sharks; the list goes on. Man's dominance and reign on the top of the food chain ends when he enters the ocean...
  11. Mike Johnson

    Slow motion Mantis Shrimp attack
  12. Mike Johnson

    Way "Off-Topic", but very cool.
  13. Mike Johnson

    Best camouflaged sea creature I've ever seen.

    Halimeda Crab
  14. Mike Johnson

    Algae bloom off New Jersey.

    Where did it come from? Anybody want to guess sewer runoff and pollution?
  15. Mike Johnson

    Advances in captive breeding Cuttlefish.

    So cool!
  16. Mike Johnson

    Hidden creatures
  17. Mike Johnson

    Symbiotic relationship of the majestic Elkhorn

    At least the vernacular has been toned down from "global warming" to "climate change". I really liked the article, but would have liked it better if the vernacular was toned down a little more to "weather patterns". Somehow the Elkhorn has adapted to much worse conditions than what we have now...
  18. Mike Johnson

    One for the bucket list.
  19. Mike Johnson

    Live Aquaria video.

    Pretty neat.