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    Caulerpa problem in DT

    Hi guys Seem to have somehow introduced caulerpa into my system, no idea how though. Been researching types and seems like it could be lentillifera due to it’s structure. Does anybody know how I can rid the tank of it? I’m currently manually pulling it out but it regrows fast and really is a...
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    HELP! Steve's LEDs acting strange

    Hi all As documented in my reef thread, I've undergone a rebuild on the C130 having moved and sadly needed to replace both the stock pump and the wet side of my MP10 - and I thought they were the only casualties but my LEDs seem to be acting weird. I've got the Typhoon Controller programmed as...
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    Martin's RSM C-130 Rebuild

    Well hello again RS world, hope you’re all doing well and your reefs are thriving! As mentioned on my old thread, inhabitants were rehoused by my mate who owns my LFS, but I lost my live rock. I was meant to keep this wet, with heat and flow but with all the stresses that go with moving, it got...
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    Water mixing container

    I recently replaced my old water mixing and RODI containers as they appeared to be leaching something into the water. The TDS output from my RODI unit is 000 and maintains this when in the new RODI container but weirdly, has now climbed to 029 when transferred to the new container (with lid)...
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    Collonista, sundial or something else?

    Hi all Have had a recent explosion of baby snails in my RSM C130. At first they were too small to identify and appeared white in colour. Have managed to get a better picture and they have some brown mottling/stripes. Research I've done says they may be collonista snails, but I'd have no idea...
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    Tank refresh plan

    Hi all I've finally decided that the time has come to give my sad RSM C130 a much needed refresh. Having struggled with red turf algae for as long as I can remember, I've got to the point where I can no longer bear to look at the tank in its sorry state and have decided that a fairly major...
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    HELP! Wrasse dying?

    Hi all My Cleaner Wrasse has been acting add for a couple of days now, hiding in or hanging out of some LR for ages and ages and not even eating despite being target fed. Thought he was dead a couple of times and on going to remove him, either saw his gills moving or he swam off. He's doing...
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    Urchin looks like it's on fire!

    Just about to clean the glass and do a WC when I noticed what can only be described as smoke coming out of my Tuxedo urchin - at the same time, he's climbing the glass and looks to be shedding the mound of RTA he's accumulated whilst riding the rest. Any ideas most welcome!!!! :confused::eek:
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    Dirty tank - best way to clean it

    As soon as the battle with red turf algae seems to be going in my favour, I realise I've taken my eye off the ball in terms of other maintenance and neglected to change my CPE and Purigen when they were due and now have cyano and GHA outbreak. New media is in and I'm researching algae scrubbers...
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    White Polyp Finger growing on glass

    Hi all Noticed during my WC on Saturday that my White Polyp Finger coral has spread/grown onto the rear wall. Does anyone know a good, safe and non-stressful way of removing it? Cheers
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    HELP! Cleaner Wrasse in sump!!!

    Hey all Noticed earlier that my Cleaner Wrasse had disappeared and didn't come out for feeding. Opened the lid and found him swimming about in the idea how he got in there, but suspect he may have jumped in whilst I was doing my WC yesterday. Tried all sorts to get him out and now...
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    My plan to remodel the aquascape

    Hi all As my battle with red turf algae is finally beginning to turn the corner and I can now almost see the light (and no, it's not my Steve's LEDs...yet...), I've been putting some more thought into redoing the aquascape as I've never been 100% happy with it from the off. I've been reading...
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    Torch coral dying?

    Hi all I noticed last night that my torch coral seems to be receding more than usual on one of the branches and it's looking rather pale today, according to my missus who is at home and took the following pic: I was away for about 10 days so due to do a big WC tomorrow and will run some...
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    14000k or 14000k JMB Steve's LEDs?

    About to finally pull the trigger and order myself a Steve's LEDs retrofit for my C130 after watching closely the success @Pat24601 and @dgilbert2 have been having. Problem is, I can't decide between the 14000K or the 140000K JMB Special....anyone got any ideas or info? I know this is all...
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    HELP! Hammerhead Coral eaten my African Blue Coral

    Hi all Came home from work tonight and as I was topping up my ATO reservoir I noticed that my African Blue Coral had been knocked off and had come to rest right alongside my Hammerhead Coral. I managed to get it out from where it had become lodged and bits began to float about, signalling it...
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    Red turf algae

    Hi all Been battling this for a while now and lately it seems to be on a growth spurt - so new long handled scissors are about to get to work! Could this have something to do with my lights being on their way out? They're being changed later this afternoon anyway but good to know if that's...
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    Toadstool mushroom - detaching from LR

    Hi all My Toadstool Mushroom is looking a bit worse for wear. It was mounted to a stupidly small bit of LR and didn't appear all that stable, and as of late, it's been getting knocked about a bit. First it was a Cowry that I was told was a Conch and now it appears my Cleaner Shrimp is knocking...
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    Coral Reefs - Secret Cities of the Sea

    Took my little boy along to this exhibition at London's Natural History Museum today and was extremely impressed to say the least. Fantastic array of specimens, information and a lovely tank full of 'live' specimens from those on display. Spent ages staring into the tank, catching all...
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    Hi all Spotted this hiding in the LR and as yet have been unable to ID it. Been through all the pics on and nothing similar. Problem is, I can't get a decent angle on it to see its mouth or column as @Oxylebius suggested in my thread. Don't think it's majano or aiptasia, but...
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    Plate coral

    Hi all Not sure if something is up with my plate coral or not... Haven't seen any tentacles to be able to feed since adding him about 2-3 weeks ago. Wasn't sure if these are 'nibbles' from the Coral Beauty or if it's dying. Any help will be most welcome. Cheers melvis