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  1. spiraling

    problems connecting reefer plumbing

    Hi, We are setting up a reefer 525. I have a threaded fitting to the red sea fitting. I don't want to use the barb fitting. I got this one from pvcfittingsonline that many people have used 3/4" Schedule 80 PVC (MPT x S) Male 836-007 The fitting keeps leaking. Wrapped with tape, leaks...
  2. spiraling

    HELP! need help with acro pest

    I noticed on three of my acros that the tissue is receding from the bottom and there are small red dots on the receded area. I assume red bug or flat worm, but it doesn't seem to match what I see online. What is is and how do I get rid of it? You can see the tissue has receded in a line and...
  3. spiraling

    Monique's reefer 525 - the addiction continues

    After a lot of thought, plotting, and planning, I finally pulled the trigger on a new tank! I debated between the 650 and the 525. I really like the look and size of the 650, but I couldn't justify the extra money for the equipment that I would change out anyways (lights, skimmer, pump). Too...
  4. spiraling

    How much Selcon?

    Hey there, Recently I got some Selcon as I see a lot of people here use it. The instructions about dosing are quite vague (if your water is cloudy, you are using too much) My fish are healthy and I feed two cubes a day of frozen between all the tanks, how much selcon should I add? Are there...
  5. spiraling

    Can you keep a pair of six line wrasse?

    Hi, I've searched all over the interwebs, but it seems that there is very little information on pairing six line wrasses. 1 - I have a 40 breeder frag tank. it recently had flatworms I want to make sure they stay dead (and a few bristleworms, not trying to eradicate them, but I wouldn't mind...
  6. spiraling

    Can a watchman goby get stuck in his cave?

    Hey all, My goby has a shrimp buddy. The shrimp usually blocks them in for the night, then very diligently digs all day while the goby keeps guard. The goby is pretty much always out for feeding time. Then I didn't see the goby at all for two days, and I didn't see any recent digging. I got...
  7. spiraling

    ID please - sponge? tunicate?

    I have several of these growing in my tank. Its hard, grows on the rock, and has a bunch of tubes like a colony. The tubes each have a tiny filter feeder with two 'feathers' for a cap but they are small so I could be wrong. The cap doesn't look like my tiny single filter feeders though. Is...
  8. spiraling

    Bad Urchin! No nori for you

    Here is my tuxedo urchin. This guy totally cracks me up. He is always grabbing anything that isn't bolted down. The green zoas are a hat he as worn for about 6 months. They are growing and looking good so I leave them.The red polys he likes to hide in. The big white part is because I just...
  9. spiraling

    Do you ever just feel like starting over?

    Hey all, So my tanks aren't THAT bad. But both do have problems My frag tank had a crash last winter. I was able to save about 50% of the corals. But there is this slimy bacteria that I have been fighting for months. And none of the corals are better than surviving when they were thriving...
  10. spiraling

    Question to PaulB about his mandarin feeder

    Hey Paul. So I have a 34 gallon. I'm absolutely not planning on getting a mandarin now, but I would love a large tank with a pair of them one day. one day. so I'm practicing good fish husbandry until then. and saving my money. my clowns seem to like the attention. I have several freshwater...
  11. spiraling

    noisy turboflotor 500

    Hey everyone. I put a turboflotor 500 on my RSM 130 a while back. While it is quieter than stock, its far from silent. It makes a whoom whoom whoom whoom noise all the time. It has something to do with the air coming in, but I'm not sure how to adjust it. its like a little bit of water is...
  12. spiraling

    Need help choosing RODI

    I have decided to get my own rodi unit instead of always going to the LFS for water. I don't need a lot, I have a 34 gal and a 40 gal. If I bother with water cahnges I use about 15 gallons per week, 20 max. I'm looking on BRS since they are having a sale. I don't see a nice guide to tell me...
  13. spiraling

    RTBA - good and bad in an RSM 130 advice please

    I found a local guy on craigslist who has some coral. He also has an RBTA that split and he is getting rid of one for an ok price. Sooooo I'm trying to decide if I want it, cause its expensive to ship things to where I live 1 - I have the 130. Mixed reef with a few fish. Will it get too...
  14. spiraling

    Which ATO with RSM 130d?

    I really want to get an ATO for my RSM before summer. I add about 1-2 liters a day in the winter and 2-3 liters in the summer. I saw the Tunze 3152 that seems like it would work. The Tunze 3155 is double the price. Is it worth it?
  15. spiraling

    RSM 130 / tunze / inTank media questions

    I'm tired of the really loud skimmer on the rsm 130. The rsm sounds like a 747 landing in the living room once the fans are on too. I saw the new tunze 9001. Is it the best skimmer option? I would like it to go in the back sump, not underneath as I don't have an external sump on the tank...
  16. spiraling

    Monique's RSM 130d

    Hello! I found these RSM owners threads while I was dreaming about getting a RSM 650. Maybe one day, especially when they are avaialable with LED's. But for now I have the 130. I got it on CL a year ago for a steal. I keep freshwater fish and I thought the RSM would be a good breeding...
  17. spiraling

    Hello from Montana

    Hey everyone, I've been reefing for about a year. I've been over at the reefcentral forum a lot for advice and saw the RSM specific forums here, so I thought I'd join. If you live in Montana, USA please say 'Hi'. I've only meet one other reefer in the past year and it's a little lonely.