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  1. Edwin


    Hello, I have a question about my BTA. I am wanting to know how you know for sure if it is splitting, how long that it takes, and if I need to do anything? It looked huge and beautiful last night and today when I came home it had actually moved for the first time ever since I had placed it in...
  2. Edwin

    HOB Filter

    I am thinking of setting up a second salt water tank specifically for urchins and other creatures that I cannot keep in my reef tank. I was going to take one of my tanks that I had previously used as fresh water and just use all of the equipment I already have for the tank. Will using a HOB...
  3. Edwin

    Aquaristik by Vertex

    I was wondering if anyone has used this for bonding? I used it a few weeks ago and did not really have any reactions except for the skimmer pulling off excess waste. I have now used it a couple hours ago and now I have millions of micro bubbles in my tank that do not really seem to be going...
  4. Edwin

    Plate Coral

    In the past 2 - 3 weeks one of my plate corals has changed it's looks. I have attached pictures of before and as of today. It will still eat when fed, tentacles do not come out very often. I have read many different things in other forums and I am at a loss. Any suggestions would be greatly...