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  1. mcentire1123

    Waterbox 70.3

    Hello all, Finally my Waterbox 70.3 has arrived. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  2. mcentire1123

    Equipment for sale

    Well I had to tear my tank down im moving so I have some goodie for sale. I can send pics on request. Bubble Magus curve 5...80$ Vortech mp10 April 8,2013...80$ Jebao wp10...30$ JBJ Macro Glo sump light...10$ C-Breeze adjustable fan...15$ SOLD Julians thing...15$ SOLD Tunze osmolator nano top...
  3. mcentire1123

    JBJ unibody 54 watt led

    I have a used JBJ unibody that I will take 190$ and a brand new one that I will take 260$
  4. mcentire1123

    AI Hydra

    Anybody have this led? If so what do you think about it?
  5. mcentire1123

    The shallows 30g rimless

    Got my new adventure in today. Its a 30 gallon shallow rimless reef ready aquarium. [/URL][/IMG]
  6. mcentire1123

    Laser vs Aiptasia

    Just frying a few aiptasia. "][/URL]
  7. mcentire1123

    Red Sea 130D

    To all you Red Sea 130D owners when you purchase the tank does it also come with the kit that has sand, salt, ect.
  8. mcentire1123

    What type of algae?

    Any idea what type of algae this is? [/url][/IMG]
  9. mcentire1123

    Found out the hard way.

    So I thought it would be cool to add sexy shrimp to my nano tank. Bad idea within 10 min both were dead. My Six Line Wrasse had a 20 dollar meal.:smack:
  10. mcentire1123

    Custom media basket

    Does anybody know of a company that makes custom media baskets?
  11. mcentire1123

    Cadlight 8 gallon reef

    Hey guys its been a while since ive been here. Good to be back, I just purchased a 8 gallon cadlights starfire led reef system.
  12. mcentire1123

    Tank and equipment for sale

    58 gallon drilled with stand and canopy -250$ 2mp10ES-175$ each Trigger system 30 sump-120$ Apex Jr with temp probe-115$ Reef octopus 110 Skimmer-125$ 2 60 watt 3w cree led units from eshine-250$ each Return pumps and a few koralia pumps
  13. mcentire1123

    Gifts from My Reef To Yours.

    Just received my order from JJ at My Reef to Yours. Great packaging.Pics to come.
  14. mcentire1123

    Apex aquacontroller Trouble

    I cant get my controller to work with aqua notes on my computer is says aqua controller not responding. It is working with my Iphone does anybody have an idea what im doing wrong?
  15. mcentire1123

    Cree led kit

    Cree led kit 39 total leds 21 cool white cree xpg-r5 18 royal blue cree xpe leds. 3 ELN 60-48D drivers. 10v AC adapter and connector.The leds are on 4.25x7 heat sinks.I also have 60 degree lenses.3 10k ohm potentiometer.They are 5 months old asking 280 dollars shipped if you have any questions...
  16. mcentire1123

    Barnacle Blenny

    Just wanted to let everyone know they are on sale for 15.99 ea at petsolutions.
  17. mcentire1123

    Sps corals

    My package arrived at 10AM 10 Sps corals from Mr. Coral. photo by mcentire1123, on Flickr
  18. mcentire1123

    1" Sea swirl

    I found an awesome deal on a 1" sea swirl is it possible to go from 3/4 of an inch line to 1 inch or would that cause problems.
  19. mcentire1123

    Super glue gel

    I need to glue down some frags is it alright to use super glue gel.
  20. mcentire1123

    Overflow ?

    I just change my overflow line from a flex hose to straight pvc my question is the overflow water line is about 2.5 inches different now and it is gurgling. Any ideas why, it was quiet before.old setupnew setupwater mark difference