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  1. ds69

    Waratah anemones!

    I saw a post on ebay for 10 of these little guys....I thought it was interesting because I had never heard of them before. They are a Temperate species and not for reef tanks. Just wondering if others have heard of or kept them before...
  2. ds69

    Lets see some Tube Anemone !

    The LFS had a great looking tube anemone and I couldn't pass it up. It is doing well so far but I have only had it a few days. Im going to try and feed him tonight. So if you have one lets see it.
  3. ds69


    ok so I have had this sebae anemone for 2 months and it has never moved since I got it. It is pretty big when fully inflated. It is on the bottom and stays on some rocks against the sand. It is a under a 250 watt mh 14k bulb. In the past week it has released itself from its rock and floated...
  4. ds69

    alga vac! anyone use one before??

    I came across this product on ebay and thought it was a pretty good idea. I had never seen one before so I thought I would share. Its a siphoning hose with bristles on the front to clean with. Has anyone ever used this product???? Anyway Heres the link Reef Aquarium Algae vacuum Dosing...
  5. ds69

    Banded Sea Snake

    ok so first things first Im not going to buy such an animal but I am curious if anyone out there has experience with one? I was at the LFS and to my amazement they got one in. It was about 1 and a half feet and was only $30. Really cheap in my opinion. Although it is really cool I know its...
  6. ds69

    skimmer question

    So I am thinking of getting this skimmer for my 44 gallon corner tank. What do you think about it ?? any input is welcome. AquaC Remora w/ MJ 1200 Protein Skimmer Aqua C *NEW* - eBay (item 130238042330 end time Jul-21-08 09:05:40 PDT) Thanks Kevin
  7. ds69

    Lighting help plz

    Ok, so I have the 250 watt mh hamilton pendant heres the link for it. Pendant - Aquarium supplies & Aquarium lighting by Hamilton Technology I have been using 10k but now im finally deciding to go to 14k. Some of my zoanthids just aren't as colorful as they should be. It would be better to...
  8. ds69

    Pinched mantle?

    In the past few days I noticed something different with my crocea clam. The mantle will be pinched in one spot when the lights are off but when they are on it appears normal. It only looks pinched when the lights are off. Is this normal?? I have never seen one do this before. Is it something I...
  9. ds69

    what do you add?

    Just out of curiosity what products are people adding to their tanks? Iodine, magnesium Ca, kalwasser etc Kevin
  10. ds69

    starfish ID

    I bought this starfish today and the lfs didnt know what kind it was. Is it reef safe? Will it try to eat my T. crocea clam? or does it just eat algaes off the rocks. any help would be great. It has 6 legs as well. Kevin
  11. ds69

    to many shrimp?

    In my 44 gallon tank I currently have 2 peppermint shrimp, 2 blood/fire shrimp, and 1 skunk cleaner shrimp. They all seem to be getting along fine but i havent read much material stating that its fine to mix them like this. I was also thinking about getting a pair of sexy shrimp but none of the...
  12. ds69

    New seahorse help

    Ok so I decided to try a seahorse in my refuge. The Lfs just got in 5 cb h. reidi ponys and I decided it was worth a try. I had them feed them first and I got the one that was going around the tank eating like a champ. I have had him for 24 but havent gotten him to eat yet. i have been trying to...
  13. ds69

    reef safe fish

    Ok, so I am looking to re stock my reef tank and am having trouble finding some good peaceful reef safe fish. The tank is 44 gallons with a 10 gallon refuge. The tank itself has 2 damsels and a pink skunk clown and lots of shrimp. Im still working on removing those 2 damsels.... there putting...
  14. ds69

    bubbles.... lots of them

    ok so i just got my new 250 watt mh pendant for my 44 gallon corner tank. The light looks wonderful and everything looks way better and more colorful. But now im having another problem. It seems after the lights have been on for awhile like maybe 4 or 5 hours i start getting bubbles. Little air...
  15. ds69

    44 gallon lighting needs

    I have a 44 gallon corner tank stacked with live rock to the top its filled with soft corals and several lps but primarily softies. I also have a t. crocea clam which is in the top portion of the tank. The tank is currently running a 125 watt pendant mh light. the light was brand new and came...