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  1. deaclauderdale


    As the title states I have a generation 2 iPad (WiFi) that I would like to trade for reef equipment. I'm looking for: Apex Jr or Lite with display Lights (MH or LED or T5) Calcium Reactor Return pump
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    My New Hobby

    Picked up a 66' Mustang Coupe a few months back, and I am finally able to begin work on it so I wanted to share with my friends here on SCR There she is behind here new engine block that is being built by Murray's Performance Garage (MPG). Here's the old 289 that will be coming out...
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    I am proposing to drill my tank tomorrow to add the beananimal overflow design to my tank, but I have a few of questions: 1) Is it a complicated process to remove my internal overflow box, and if the silicone doesn't run all the way across the tank, am I safe in simply continuing the bead or...
  4. deaclauderdale

    Getting Back In!

    Well after selling my 190 and taking a year off, I am finally back in the game with my new 135. Got the tank for $100 from a local reefer here in SoCal, and now I am working on the stand and canopy: Tank the day I picked it up. starting the stand The level never lies
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    Help please

    I currently have a Tek 6 bulb T5 lighting fixture, but there is just something I miss about halides; here's my dilemma, should keep my current fixture, trade for a T5/MH combo fixture, or try my hand at a DIY mod and remove two bulbs from my Tek and add a double-ended socket? I know that this...
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    RED Bugs!!...Grrrr....Not Happy!

    Where can I get interceptor without a prescription, or who has a tab lying around??? Sent from my iPad using My fingers!
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    A Little Help Please

    Nothing getting great poly extension from any of my SPS (milli, pearl of the sea(sp), orange polyp digitata) and I've actually lost one. I have noticed my bi-color blenny nipping at all of them and my temp has reached 82 degrees on a few occasions and 77 at night. I do posses zoa's and paly's...
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    WTB Tunze

    Looking to buy a two Tunze 6055's ASAP! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Can someone please explain dosing to me, or direct me to a link that covers it?? I have a koralin biodenidratior that I was converting to a calcium reactor, but I am intrigued by the dosing using dosing pumps.
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    Chiller 4 Sale

    Aqua Euro USA 1/4hp chiller $270, here's the link AquaEuroUSA Max Chill Aquarium Chiller Here are pics of actual unit: Willing to meet in Santa Clarita, no shipping.
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    (3) Sure Grip 50's magnets, 2 with powerhead holders $40 for all 3 or $15 a piece (2) Medium (up to 125 gal) Mag-Float glass cleaners $10 for both or $7 a piece (1) Solenoid (for ATO) $20 Will trade all locally for corals.
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    WTB loc-line

    WTB 1/2 threaded loc-line valve, and 1/2 loc-line! --- - Sent from my iPad using My fingers!
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    190 sale?

    I'm actually considering selling the 190, 60x30x24 custom built peninsula by Lemarr (not starfire), polished edges, with stand and dual sumps Just not sure if I should?
  14. deaclauderdale

    Over Flow Issues

    So the water in my overflow keeps rising and falling, I've tried adjusting the airline (removed it completely), and I can't get a steady water level. Running an Ehiem 1260 on my 90 Gallon cube.
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    Is the 100% silicone from HomeDepot still usable for making repairs and tank/sump builds?
  16. deaclauderdale

    My New 90 Cubealicous

    Well I guess the time is now to start my build thread, now that I have my new tank in hand. It's a 90 gallon cube 36x24x24, 1/2 thick Starphire (rimless) glass on three sides. I got the tank from a local reefer and it's a beauty. I also received the stand and a custom built of a beauty, rimless...
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    Building A Cube?

    As the title states I am highly interested in building a 30x30x24 cube tank. This is my first foray into DIY tanks so all advice would be highly appreciated.
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    Which Light?

    I want the LED fixture made by Vertex (Illumina), but my wife said I'd be sleeping alone for a while if that shows up to the house in the near So with that being said, should I go T5 or LED and what are some recommendations on fixtures? I want to keep SPS, and I'd like to be able...
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    Howdy Everyone!!!

    Hey everyone how's everything been going?
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    Wow things can really suck sometimes. So my reefkeeper module fails and that throws several other systems into chaos, but I was able to remedy that until a new one can be purchased. Now low and behold my GenX 40 fails (all the teeth on the wheel are gone) and I couldn't order a new one because...