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  1. Kazzy

    Happy Birthday ReefSanctuary!!!

    Happy birthday RS! Funny, my birthday was yesterday and now it's ReefSanctuary's b-day!
  2. Kazzy

    Maroon clownfish tank mates

    Triggers like the Picasso can be kept in tanks as small as 75 gallons, at least so I've been told. P.S. Congrats on getting another bluespot!
  3. Kazzy

    new to SW, first tank

    There are acrylic magnet cleaners for sale alongside glass ones. Look for one in your LFS next visit. Oh yeah, and dump the goniopora.
  4. Kazzy

    Moving an aquarium

    Get some 5 gallon buckets and maybe a rubbermaid tub, fill them with aged saltwater and/or tank water, move everything into the containers, and drive SLOW! Also, a helpful addition to this procedure for more sensitive critters is to get a plug in-able battery and hook it up to a heater which you...
  5. Kazzy

    Beginner Anenomie

    Mushrooms, frogspawn, toadstools, green star polyps, torches(you need a fair amount of light for them though), and yellow polyps. P.S. Using Caps Lock is unnecessary, we treat all questions with just as much urgency as any other.
  6. Kazzy

    Maroon clownfish tank mates

    In a 75 gallon FOWLR, there won't be a whole lot of fighting as long as you don't overstock. The smaller triggers would be fine in a tank that size too. My maroon is actually one of the calmer ones. She occasionally snaps at my other fish, but she never goes too far. Even my mandarinfish gets on...
  7. Kazzy

    Ricordias and Yuma Rare and Common colors?

    Is it bad if I only light acclimated for like 20 minutes? Because the little white baby yuma (supposed to be one at least) in my tank I have under much dimmer lighting then what it is was under in the LFS and I didn't light acclimate for very long. I am kinda worried because it is still only a...
  8. Kazzy

    Ricordias and Yuma Rare and Common colors?

    Thanks for clearing that up. I was really confused for a second because I thought the rics were the consistent ones and yumas were small and sometimes with different sized bubbles.
  9. Kazzy

    Reef Magazines

    FAMA (Fresh Water and Marine Aquarium) magazine is very good. It isn't totally saltwater, obviously, but it is a great read.
  10. Kazzy

    Something is eating my corals!~!~! :-(

    Be sure and use a red lens/bulb flashlight. It is one of the only colors reef dwellers can't detect. Otherwise your night-time snacker will be alerted and most likely not come out.
  11. Kazzy

    New member just using meet and greet

    Welcome to RS! I do not know if you are aware of this, but your naso tang will eventually grow to 15 inches, maybe even up to 18! I am surprised your hawkfish has not eaten your snails and hermits. In all likelihood, the hawkfish will decimate your CUC and it will get very expensive to replace...
  12. Kazzy

    Blue BTA moving or dying?

    That's how anemones reproduce. Asexual splitting of the oral region to achieve the same effect as sexual reproduction, to put it in nerdy terms.
  13. Kazzy

    Hello, newbie member

    Welcome to RS! Looking great!
  14. Kazzy

    Hello all, I'm new here & to tank life!

    Welcome to RS! My honest opinion is that you added the anemones way too early and you will have to keep everything perfect or they will not do well. On a more positive note, most everything else sounds good. Do you have a skimmer? If you don't, I suggest you get one. P.S. Are magnums skimmers...
  15. Kazzy

    new to the site

    Welcome to RS! What size is your tank? Got any pictures?
  16. Kazzy

    Hello from WI & question bleached shrooms

    Welcome to RS! Did you recently move your lights? Or maybe switch the bulbs and/or fixture? I suspect it may have been something to do with light. One of my flor. ricordea bleached a bit ago, but it is almost back to normal now. I am not sure why you would lose shrooms from it if it was a one...
  17. Kazzy

    I'm joining the party!

    Nice clams!! Does your CBB pick on any of your corals?
  18. Kazzy

    Help - high calcium!!!

    Look for a crab, mantis shrimp, and a really BIG worm. And you might have to look for a while to spot a mantis shrimp, as they den in caves.
  19. Kazzy

    Coral? Or...

    The red thing is a type of feather duster. Harmless, but pretty filter-feeder.
  20. Kazzy

    Chronicle to Christopher's 1st Reef Adventure!

    Leathers sometimes shed their outer "coating,"(for lack of a better word) and it slimes off. They need some mediumish flow to blow it off.