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  1. Kazzy

    Harlequin Shrimp

    I love these little guys, and I have wanted one for a long time, but I don't know if they eat those little white starfish. I have hundreds (quite literally) of them in my tank, and a few of them are an inch from the tips of the arms to the opposite ones. Could a Harlequin survive on a diet of...
  2. Kazzy

    Science DIY lighting

    It's time for science projects to start here at school, and my topic is if and how color temperature (kelvin) affects the growth of plants. I couldn't think of any other kind of light that offers the diversity of spectrum and color temp. that reef lighting does, so I decided to use it. I will be...
  3. Kazzy

    New Flame Angel!!!

    My dad and I bought a flame angelfish just 2 and a half hours ago. We also bought a colony of very pretty bright green clove polyps. This definitely makes up for the jawfish! The angel was in the store for just 24 hours when we bought him. He looks pretty healthy, but we are still quarantining...
  4. Kazzy

    Looking at getting new camera

    I have finally found a cheap SLR system camera that looks fairly decent. I wanted a Nikon, but oh well. Here is the link to it: Used and New: Konica Minolta Dimage A1 5MP Digital Camera with 7x Anti Shake Optical Zoom I read the FAQ for digital camera buying in this forum and it...
  5. Kazzy

    HELP! Tang is injured

    My baby Eibli Mimic tang is injured. One of his side fins is shredded, and he has scrapes on the same side. I think he got stuck in the rockwork and had to wiggle out. He can't get off the bottom because his fin is shredded. Thankfully, he is alert and no longer in shock. My dad and I got some...
  6. Kazzy

    Clam lighting

    Would the 36" light in this link be enough for a clam(assuming the tank is mature enough)? Ocean Encounter: Sunlight Supply 36" Tek-Light 4 - 39W T5 Fixture - Black
  7. Kazzy

    OT: Zoo pictures!!

    I finally found my Omaha and Kansas City pictures and I wanted to share them with you all so here are some of the ones from Omaha: P.S. All these photos were taken by me.
  8. Kazzy

    OT: Does anyone have a doggie?

    I didn't see a dog thread so I'm officially making a thread dedicated to our furry friends! Here's my boxer Dante: Post away! :whstlr:
  9. Kazzy

    OT: Favorite Quotes/Sayings!

    I remember seeing this done on another forum and it looked fun so here goes nothing! Here are all of the quotes I have collected(at least the appropiate ones LOL): Pictures are better than words because some words are big and hard to understand. -Peter Griffin You cannot by reasoning correct...
  10. Kazzy

    Woot New Corals!

    My dad was finally in a buying mood when we headed to the LFS and we left 15 minutes after closing(I am good friends with the owner on a local forum) out the back door with a 4 almost 5 headed hammer(normal glowy green and brown coloration) and 3-4 stalks of lavender finger leather coral. We...
  11. Kazzy

    OT: Sorry about my avatar!

    I really really really really apologize for the avatar I had earlier I had no idea it was what it was and I want to say sorry and I changed it.
  12. Kazzy

    Lighting for a 46 bowfront

    My dad and I really need to upgrade our lighting, and it's preferable that we get T-5s, and there's no way we can get MHs, unfortunately. I want it to be able to support something that demands as much lighting as say a BTA. I just need some advice, suggestions... We won't be getting it...
  13. Kazzy

    Kazzy's 46 bowfront

    My bow is already well on its way, considering it's almost 2 years and 3 months old, but I might as well start documenting now! Here's a recent tank shot: My Maroon female and Ocellaris male: My Mandarin: My fire shrimp and tiger serpent star who always hang out together: My...
  14. Kazzy

    New Member here

    Hi everyone, my name is Grant, I am 13 years old and I have been in freshwater and saltwater for about 2 and half years now. I like photography and I am saving up for a SLR system camera, but I still got another 150-200 dollars to go. I have 2 dogs, a cat, and more fish and inverts than I bother...