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  1. Fish Crazy

    False Percula Clowns breeding

    Help!! Well this is a first for us after being in the hobbie for 6yrs we have eggs from the False Perc's on the back wall of our 180gal. We have little knowlegde on how to help the False Perc's keep their eggs safe...don't even know if they like to eat their young?? Anyone have any advise we...
  2. Fish Crazy

    What Size Pump????

    We have a 180 (72x24x24) with (2) 1" drains and (2) 1" returns with 1" flow excellerators on them. We currently have a Mag-Drive 24 and I have to keep the ball valves turned back so the tank does not overflow and the water level in the tank is less than 1/4" - my question is I want to buy a...
  3. Fish Crazy

    36" Tank and Equipment for Sale

    I purchased a 180g tank so I need to sell off my 36" 58 Oceanic Reef tank and equipment (Solaris LED not included) HQI Lights - T5 Lights - Tank (reef with overflow) - Cherry Stand (a few cosmetic marks from salt up front lip) - ASM G1-X Skimmer - Gamma UV Sterilizer
  4. Fish Crazy

    Foxface Dead

    On Sunday the foxface was healty and eating then on Monday morning we awoke to him dead in the tank with no marks. All water chemistry is fine. About 2 weeks ago the same thing happened with a flame hawkfish in the same tank. Sometimes at night we hear a noise that sounds like something...
  5. Fish Crazy

    Fish & Reef Obsession

    This is the start of the chronicle of my fishy story - It's a tale of trial and error leading up to the setup of a 180 gallon reef tank that is on order. My fish story starts back many moons ago when I had fresh water fish tanks I would sit for hours watching them. I always wanted saltwater...
  6. Fish Crazy

    36" Aqualight Pro Fixture

    I need to sell this light I upgraded to Solaris LED so I don't need this one - paid ~500.00 for it a year ago and will except any resonable offer. Thanks, Lisa
  7. Fish Crazy

    36" Halide Light

    I used for approximately 6 months then upgraded to a Solaris LED light so I'm selling my 36" HQI which I purchased for $550.00. It comes with legs but I also have a hanging kit. Below are the specs of the light. Please PM me with offers. Lisa Coralife 36 Inch Aqualight Pro, 1x150W...
  8. Fish Crazy

    Open Brain Sick

    I have a Open Brain that I've had for about 1-1/2 years that has done fantastic then starting last week it seemed to always be very small. I had to go out of town for 3 days this week and when I got back home on Thursday night I looked at the brain and it cover half covered with sand, when I...
  9. Fish Crazy

    Lawnmower Blenney - Evil

    I have a lawnmower blenney that I had in my 55g FOWLR and I had to move him to my 29g tank because when I put a pair of blue jaw triggers into the 55g he was slamming them in the side. He hit the female so hard over and over before I could get him out that she did not make it. The male Blue...
  10. Fish Crazy

    1 Month Anniversary

    As of today I've been on RS for 1 month - it is such a great place, friendly, supportive, I love the interaction. Thanks for sharing :wave:
  11. Fish Crazy

    Xenia Sick?

    Yesterday when I got home I noticed that my Xenia's had their "fist" closed and it appered to be loosing color. At closer inspection it looks like some of it is melting...does anyone have any ideas what this is and what I should do...these have been growing like weeds in my tank so I'm...
  12. Fish Crazy

    Howdy All

    Hi, this is my first post and my first reef forum. I was recommened by my fish guy I see who goes by AQTCJAK. I currenlty have 2 tanks, Reef Equipm: 68 gal 36" Polaris LED light - way cool ASM 2 Skimmer Gamma UV Sterilizer All Glass 3 sump...