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  1. tnwillia

    Want to test your lights?

    Here is a great meter if you want to test your lighting system. I've been told you can find these for rent. We had a Sponsor 2 years ago who rented out this meter but he's gone now. Great info on this site as well! Have fun! Apogee Instruments Quantum Sensor - Coral Aquariums
  2. tnwillia

    Barnicle Blennys back in stock

    Only happens a few times a year..... Have fun! Blennies: Blenny Fish Species Including Bicolor, Striped and other Blennies
  3. tnwillia

    PDF Manual for the Ecotech Radion XR30W is up

    Ecotech posted the manual on the new lights if anyone is looking this way. Have fun!
  4. tnwillia

    Tom's 200g DD

    Time to start this thread as I'm starting to buy parts leading up to getting the tank in November. This is an upgrade tank from my current RSM 250 & BC-29. The contents of both those tanks will be moving into the new 200. I've been preplanning for the last couple of months trying to get all the...
  5. tnwillia

    Electric RC controlled Tubular motor for low weigh hood lift applications

    If anyone has thought of trying "A Reef in the Sky" electric light lift where the motor was made in China, I found a website for a US supplier/maker of the Tubular Motor and at a price far below all others I found overseas. I've not ordered it but thinking about the possibilities. Just FYI for...
  6. tnwillia

    DIY Silencer for the Life Reef RSM Nano Prefilter

    When I got my Prefilter from Jeff he was supplying an optional Silencer for the unit and then he stopped supplying them. They worked great. After looking at it there was not much to it so I made my own. Here is how I made them. Have fun! Shopping list: 2 each 2 inch PVC end caps (found...
  7. tnwillia

    Aggressive Starry Blenny (Salarias ramosus)

    For anyone with a Starry Blenny, Is your aggressive in any way? Did it become aggressive over time? I have a 3 inch Starry Blenny in my BC-29, everything I read says they are only aggressive towards a fish that looks like them, it has no shortage of food. Over night, he took 2/3rds of the...
  8. tnwillia

    Tom's BC-29 Nano

    Got my new BC-29 from my LFS today. First steps were to remove all the Bio-Balls from chamber #2 and shelf in prep for Tunze 9002 & StevieT Media rack & standard cup. I removed the blue sponge in the bottom of chamber #3 and both the filter holder and shelf in chamber #1. My filtration will be...
  9. tnwillia

    ID help please

    This apeared in my tank over the last couple of weeks and seems to be growing. It's about 1.5" across and only located in one place. I've not found anything that looks like it in my searches. Thanks for your help & recommendations!
  10. tnwillia

    Anyone running dual Vortechs in their tank?

    Anyone doing this? If so how do you feel about the results, wave action, effect on your livestock? Which Vortechs are you using and tank size? Thanks in advance...... Tom
  11. tnwillia

    Loc-line Tricks ???

    Anyone have any tricks for getting Loc-Line connections together that are tight or just off size-wise? Thanks all for your help and suggestions in advance.
  12. tnwillia

    Reef Octopus BH-2000 HOB

    I purchased this as a back-up skimmer for my RSM 250 where my Primary is the EuroReef Nano RSM 250 skimmer. Octopus Hang-on-the-Back with OTP2000 • Item #: OCT-BH-2000 • Dimensions: 7.75" x 3.25" x 17" • Includes OTP 2000 pump • Rated up to 125 gallons. (varies due to bio load of...
  13. tnwillia

    "Tom's RSM 250"

    Hi all, been setting in the backround learning. Found out about the RSM 250 last July, waited till Jan to get my hands on one. I love it, going slow so I'll only have to do things once. This site has given me more "needed" info than anywhere else I've looked to help me get this new system up and...