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  1. kyle4201

    spaghetti worm?

    good or bad? And what should I do?
  2. kyle4201

    a bunch growing in my fuge

    Any idea? Good or bad? Its firm like hard jello
  3. kyle4201

    What new wave maker/water pusher should I get? options,,,

    Well, its time to upgrade. I found a ECOTECH VORTECH 40 almost new for $380.Jesus these are expensive. Are they really worth that much money? I would like the fact that they have the motor on the outside,, are there any others like this? Im so tired of my suction cup ones falling every few...
  4. kyle4201

    fish in my salt water pool

    B4 every1 flips out thinking im putting tank type fish in my pool im not. Also if your just going to chastise me please dont. Im just asking if any 1 has heard of any fish that can live in a salt water pool. I am also a C.P.O. so the proper levels are maintained. I was just wondering. :)
  5. kyle4201

    killing Innocent tank friends :( (pic)

    ive been running filter socks lately cuz I heard they clear the water, which they do!!! I didnt build my fuge 4 them so I have to do a little retro fitting which works out well (pic). however, every time I change 1 I tap it out in the sink to see whats in there and,,, there is always about 10 or...
  6. kyle4201

    what kind of crab?? not for a tank,, just wondering

    Saw this on FB,, what the heck is it?? Id like 1 but it seams they need dry ground at least sometimes and Im not doing that, lol <div id="fb-root"></div> <script>(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js =...
  7. kyle4201

    low salt level correction question. (no pix, lol)

    I have a question about having low salt levels in between doing water changes. Do you guys just mix a glass of water from the tank with a bunch of salt and pour it in? Or do you put a little salt in where your return pump goes?I've noticed about a week after my water change is my salt level...
  8. kyle4201

    Macna 2014

    hey guys I know its early but,,, I got the tix, just got the flight and reserved a room,, then I saw this on the hotel site MACNA 2014 Annual Convention AUG 22, 2014 - SEP 5, 2014 Aug 22 - Sept 5th?? I thought it was only fri-sunday? Did I mess up and am not going to be there the whole time??
  9. kyle4201

    Now my puffer is sick/blind? HELP. (pix)

    Ok, maybe Im just being paranoid cuz Ive seen all the stuff lately about blind puffers. I woldnt have worried but yesterday my puffer (Spike Lee) did not come up to the tank and do his happy swim when I got home nor did he eat. Im wondering 2 things,, 1, there is little things hanging off him...
  10. kyle4201

    to all the nano reefers

    I love the big tank, however,, I have to give it up the the nano reef tanks! I put exceptional big fuges on my big tanks to increase the water volume cuz I have always believed the more water the easier it is to keep. if you pee in a 5gal bucket its a bucket of pee, if you pee in an olympic...
  11. kyle4201

    colt coral not opening

    Its been about 2 weeks. Some times more some times less. But this is avg. Normal? Perams r good & everything else is thriving. Its usually HUGE!.
  12. kyle4201

    If I only knew!! WOW!!!

    Maybe I would have got a diffrent hobby, like naping or watching tv once and a while, lol. now dont get me wrong, I LOVE my hobby (seems like my lifes work), but WOW!! After A LOT of mistakes, hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars I finally got my reef to where I kinda want and feel comfy...
  13. kyle4201

    fish ID please,, and advice, good or bad qualities

    ummm,, no tail?!?!?! Im assuming its some kind of angel and it will get 2 foot across and I cant have it, lollol. And what is this cool fish? It had no label on the tank,, it was about 2 inches long,, I would LOVE a couple of these. yes or no?
  14. kyle4201

    Catching fish, trap? spear gun? hook? lol

    Hi All, I need to get 2 large black damsiles out of my MT b4 I add a few new fish. They have grown and became major D%#$@!'s,, Every 1 gets chased and hides all the time. The actually killed my black and white wrass from the nonstop picking and stress. I have just finally (after 9 months of...
  15. kyle4201

    ok, Huma trigger, @#$?!&!!

    Omg! He attacks EVERYTHING! I can barley feed my dwarf lion cus he's such a spaz. I put the stick in to keep him away 4 a moment, he frickin chews it! Lol. Its pretty cool but my future problem might b feeding the other fish/whatever when he goes to his home tank. Are they all this crazy or...
  16. kyle4201

    any 1 have a SCWD?? pic (& other advice)

    Hi all,, Just got a 1200 Supreme Classic Mag Drive Pump for $75 brand new in the box. Im going to hook up my old (my 1st attempt, excellent built but to small 4 my reef) refugium to the 55 aggressive tank. Im figuring it will help with trites, trates and ammonia levels,, right??? I am not...
  17. kyle4201

    hitchhiker from whippet guy and Yankieman from the Miami show

    The guys got together and gave me a mushroom rock from the Tanked show guys. That was 5 months ago. This just showed up last week. any ideas? If its not a bad thing its my 1st good hitchhiker. :) btw,, do mushrooms move? I had a huge one close to it,, now its moved under the rock,, kinda...
  18. kyle4201

    Pix pix pix! lets see ur fav!

    I love pix ( who doesn't) & I thought it would b cool to see every1s fav pic of theirs. Fish, coral, full tank, heck, even ur 1st thick skimm cup. Every1 has that 1 pic. Lets see em.
  19. kyle4201

    need advice on this new fish (pic)

    The beginning. Saw this guy (some kind of box fish,, Hawaiian blue or something? ) at a lfs I go to once and a while. he was not eating and they had him for 4 days. He would not sell since he wasnt eating. They were just going to let him starve and I figured he had a better chance with me than...
  20. kyle4201

    agressive fish handling and feeding questions

    Hello every1. Im sure some of you know that Lea brought home a small spiny puffer which made me get a 55g aggressive tank set up since its not going in my reef and even I have became attached to the little guy,, talk about personality, this thing is funny!! I have bought a ton (well, a ton of...