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  1. Jake970

    QT tank ideas...

    So my Waterbox 70.3 doesn't arrive until the end of the month/beginning of next month and I realize I will have a lot of QTing to do. I was curious if anyone has done a 10-20 gallon permanent QT tank w/ sand/live rock? I was thinking about getting a Waterbox 10 AIO cube and setting it up next to...
  2. Jake970

    To anyone who has an IceCap gyre 1 or 3k

    Hello anyone taking the time to check this post, As stated in the title I am looking for anyone who has had hands on experience w/ the IceCap gyre. I currently have a 70.3 Waterbox tank being delivered to me and I wanted to know if I can use the gyre on the glass partition in the back, with the...
  3. Jake970

    Getting back into reefing!

    Hi all, I finally pulled the trigger after a 2 year break and moving from CO to Belize and back. Ordered a Waterbox 70.3 yesterday! Also got my first piece of equipment for it as a place holder in my house.