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  1. zak786

    Water being left in 15 metre water change hose...

    Hi How do I pump out water being left in a 15 metre stretch of hose between my water change container and my aquarium. Is their pump I could use to pump out the residue as I am getting tired of manually doing it.. Any ideas ?
  2. zak786

    Zoas next to White star polys ??

    Hi I recently placed my zoanthids next to my metalllic green white star polyps to make way for a clam I bought .... They both dont look too good so I have separated them as the zoa's seemed to grow but the white star polyps did not even come out....after removing them there are still a few...
  3. zak786

    My Tridacna Maxima not opening now...

    Hi It was knocked over by a turbo snail about 3 times now and is now not opening much and I am worried about him... What can I do ? Thanks
  4. zak786

    Autofeeder for RSM250

    So its finally upon me... The first family holiday and the reef will be alone for 10 days...I have tried and tried but I have no one including neighbours to help out with feeding and taking care of it. So I know autofeeders are no good but whats the best one if I must use one for the RSM...
  5. zak786

    BTA moved somewhere I cannot feed or see

    Hi My bubbletip anemone now 10 days since I bought it from the lfs was nicely placed in the tank on display its moved itself to the back...hidden away... I know they move around before settling.. but its in a place at the back of the tank attached to a piece of live rock so i cannot get...
  6. zak786

    Swapping out for a better chiller

    Hi am gonna swap out my Arcadia AT650 chiller its been playing up..keeps losing calibration...and also give out way too much heat....spoken to the LFS and he has recommended an Aqua Medic for hassle free. Any good ? Also the pressure pad buttons for the settings keep playing up too. This...
  7. zak786

    Crabs and Corals

    Hi All I want to know if my red legged hermit crabs sitting on my leather corals is bad news ? Will it damage them ? They seem to climb up on them and sleep there !! Any advice Z
  8. zak786

    Zak's RSM250

    Hi all thought I would add my pics up here too.... So had this for 7 weeks now...still got too much hair algae i think...Phosphates and nitrites and ammonia all zero and using rowaphos too... so here are some pics
  9. zak786

    RSM 250 help !!

    I have got a Tunze 3155 Osmolator and its kind of hanging precariously where the pipe work for the chiller goes ...(not plumbed in a chiller yet). This was done by an expert in maintaining tanks but am not sure if its correct. They are not able to be tightened up and kept secured but are...
  10. zak786

    RSM 250 with a Tunze 3155 Osmolator

    Has anyone fitted these into a Red Sea Max 250 ? How do we hang the optical sensor and the white secondary float ? It cannot fit due to the plastic surround on the tank. ? I have got it hanging there precariously through the area for the chiller fittings and am not happy with the install the way...
  11. zak786

    Are these fish OK?

    Hi all, I am getting a Red Sea Max 250 with a reef setup and I am wondering if I can keep the following fish(in the same stocking order): 2 percula clowns 1 Coral beauty 1 Yellow tang 1 blue-throated triggerfish(Have been told is reef safe but can anyone say if there are any more reliable...
  12. zak786

    Want to buy an RSM 250

    Hi All Am based in London UK and need a convenient, quality but branded solution. I love the look of the RSM 250 but I am not sure after speaking to a local store today that it is the way to go ? It looks a quality system and no matter where else I look it always seems to be the best...
  13. zak786

    Hi from West London UK-RSM 250 reef

    Hi All I am about to thinking or actually almost about to become an owner of the RSM250 and am new to reefkeeping having kept a community freshwater tank for a while. I travel a lot for a 3-4 days at a time for work so I need a system that someone can take care of for a few days so am glad...