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  1. cracker

    Clams, The Best Food Ever for a Reef

    Iv'e been feeding clam after Paul's suggestion .Every fish loves it ! I bet the corals like the tiny bit as well .
  2. cracker

    Going price for a pro custom sump ?

    well I received the Triton sump. it.s very well built & looks cool ! never had equipment that looks pretty LOL. Anyway the skimmer droped right in with a little room to spare. Thanks again to Dave. I would have never found this sump if not for Him.
  3. cracker

    Can anyone Identify

    hello, Is it TBS rock by any chance? This is a long shot but looks like a jewel box clam. or some other type . so it's not the whole rock just the small pink piece? Just reread your post.
  4. cracker

    Going price for a pro custom sump ?

    ordered this sump last night should receive the 31st. Hope no tricks just treats ! Great find Dave that helped me big time ! plenty left for a refugium light Want this one I have one & like it jut fine...
  5. cracker

    Saint's 75g

    I checked out your sump. thanks for sharing. You have put a lot of time & work into this tank !
  6. cracker

    Going price for a pro custom sump ?

    Hello Saint, That's what I'll have to do is file the lip on the base . the adjust knobis too big I'll have to cut out the outside of that .Another layer of eggcrae to take care of the pump & chord. I haven't ordered yet will flip a coin tomorrow. I'm sure to let you know. Also I'll have o...
  7. cracker

    New Reefer

    Welcome zero !
  8. cracker

    Going price for a pro custom sump ?

    Man Oh man it's soo close ! I mean barely enough room. like less than a 1/4 inch close . Fit fine but the simmer pump intake is 1/4 inch from the side. This will restrict flow into the skimmer. I can turn the pumo vertical and thats ok but will require some innovative shelves for said skimmer...
  9. cracker

    Going price for a pro custom sump ?

    Holy Smokers Dave ! That is great . I need to make some careful measurements tomorrow. only thing is if my big octo skimmer will fit . That is a major savings. I'm sure to find out more.
  10. cracker

    Going price for a pro custom sump ?

    Thank You gentle men for he quick reply. I need as much length as possible to fit the equipment & still have a meaningful sized refugium. Thanks again !
  11. cracker

    Going price for a pro custom sump ?

    1st Folks, my apologies for not dropping by more often. So I want a custom size , pro built sump with 3 maybe 4 walls . The dimensions are, 45 by 16 by 16 with proper bracing of course . You think between 900 & 1000 bucks is about right? This doesn't include shipping as I can pick it up...
  12. cracker

    Favorite phosphate test kit

    I agree with SPR , The Hanna Ultra low is my preference . The regents are tricky at 1st.
  13. cracker

    New to salt water

    Hi Kathy, Theses are good people here. I'm sure they will help You !
  14. cracker

    Copperband Butterflyfish Advise

    Good call ! Now maybe a Raccoon Butterfly? I'd think more forgiving than a Copper Band. However need a good varied diet for a long life. You could feed good stuff as often as possible.
  15. cracker

    Respect memorial Day

    I remember my beloved lost Veteran !
  16. cracker

    Copperband Butterflyfish Advise

    Is this fish eating at the store? You "may " in time get it to eat flake but it wouldn't be a good long term diet They a a good variety of frozen foods from the sea. It could live for years ,eat like a pig then one day just up & stop. at that point it's too late. there isn't the proper...
  17. cracker

    HELP! Sand Sifting Starfish behavior

    Sorry but imho I think your star is gone. I wouldn't leave it in there. Get it out & see if it still moves or anything. Give the sniff test. Put it on it's back in separate container. if it's still kicking it will turn over. Sorry man.
  18. cracker

    After the massacre

    I know the feeling Sharkbite ! Hang in there
  19. cracker

    Should I put my Flame Angel with my Racoon Butterfly?

    I'm seeing more sick fish at lfs's than in the past. It's a shame.
  20. cracker

    Should I put my Flame Angel with my Racoon Butterfly?

    sorry or the late response. Ya ,the cardinal croaked before I could treat & so did the cross hatch ! I emptied & cleaned the QT tank real good . Same with all filters. I soaked the filter sponges in diluted bleach & left out in the sun for days. Didn't mean to but forgot about it ! I have new...