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  1. Orvin Farmer

    Gina, I found the pics SEE OTHER THREAD

    SEE Thread: This is what happens...
  2. Orvin Farmer

    This is what happens!!!

    This is for all of you new to the reefing life and even for those that are not so new to the life of the reef tank. Pic #1 This is my tank as of Aug 15, 2003...
  3. Orvin Farmer


    What do you do if you have the copepods multipling at an alarming rate, and seem to be eating or nibbling on zo's and other corals?
  4. Orvin Farmer

    Spaghetti Worms!?

    Are spaghetti Worms good or bad? They are good, right? They help clean up waist and sift the sand, correct? (I hope) now, for the big question for the day... Does anybody know what they look like in the infantile stage of their life? Do they look like little tiny red slugs, including what...
  5. Orvin Farmer

    Red Thingy doing the backstroke!

    Does anyone have an idea what this is? Some kind of worm maybe?
  6. Orvin Farmer

    Bristle Worms

    I know that Bristle worms are not totally a bad thing,but....when does it become a bad thing? And how and the world do you go about getting rid of these nasty little things. Did not realize how big a couple of the ones in my tank were until yesterday. I saw a rather large one, and told my...
  7. Orvin Farmer

    14K bulbs?

    I currently run 10K bulbs on my tank and here about all of the people that use 20K bulbs. Well, what about the 14K bulbs. The reason I ask is that Hamilton Tech has the 14K on sale and state that they are brighter than the 20K with the blue light and don't even need actinics. I also have...
  8. Orvin Farmer

    UV Sterlizers

    Can anyone please tell me, if they know what UV sterlizer is the best, and/or are they worth the money. Pros and cons, please.