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  1. Uncle99

    HELP! Is My Anemone Dying?

    You have no nitrate in your water. Nem/corals use nitrate/phosphate stable in the 2-10ppm range for nitrate and phosphate 0.03-0.15 range. Hard to see with the blues on. just leave him alone.
  2. Uncle99

    HELP! Height of LEDs

    I use the same lights over my 65g. They are very powerful and can easily fry corals. Visparspectra states 1000 par 8”, I found it more like 750 ish. I run 80% blue on 10% white, 14” off the water, 400 ish right under the light. Transfer slowly from 30% blue, 1-10% white, over months to...
  3. Uncle99

    Decorator Crab

    I trust no crabs, ever....
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    Welcome to Reef Sanctuary
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    New to this

    Hi, Welcome to Reef Sanctuary!
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    New to the community

    Welcome to RS
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  8. Uncle99

    Copperband with neurological or vision problem

    Is this behavior recent? Interesting, I have a YT for years, that behaves similar to your CB every couple of months for about 2-3 days, then, right back to normal each time. I have no idea what is going on, but since he recovers each time, no problem I hope...
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    New to Reef Sanctuary

    Welcome to Reef Sanctuary!
  10. Uncle99

    HELP! Ich on tang, remove ALL fish? Newbie

    I have done 60 with no problem before. The 72 days refers time whereas one can be satisfied that Ick has been defeated 99times out of 100. As we lower the time, the risk increases, So time comes down of your taste for risk. If they are eating well and appear healthy and happy, your water...
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    Hello from New Jersey

    Welcome to the Sanctuary!
  12. Uncle99

    HELP! What’s on my live rock?

    Looks like a pest anemone, maybe manjo. I vote bad! Hit it with Aiptasis X.
  13. Uncle99

    HELP! No skimmer on MAX 250

    A skimmer is not an absolute for a reef, it can reduce maintenance though. Water changes would be necessary. I would do nothing else
  14. Uncle99

    Reef Roids

    I have been feeding reef roids for 2 years now in my 65g. Once per week, broadcast method, using a 5 ml measuring spoon. I am not sure what a lab spatula holds. I also feed 5ml of phyto, 5ml of zoo, 5ml cyclops, 5ml amino acids, once per week, different days. Never had abnormal algae on the...
  15. Uncle99

    High nitrate (50)

    How old is your tank? It's easy to reach 50ppm in a newly cycled tank. If your fish only, not a big problem
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    Welcome to Reef Sanctuary!
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    Happy Veterans Day

    Your service to country will not be forgotten! Ever! Hats off to you and your brothers....
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    HELP! What are these corals?

    Nope, looks like a Favia in the first pic.
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    Yes, you have come to the right place, welcome friend to Reef Sanctuary!
  20. Uncle99

    Uncle99 -70g rebuild

    So hear we are after 30 months. All 8 major parameters remain stable, salinity 1.025, temp 78.5, varies 0.05 degrees and ALK holds at 9 DKH, CA 440, MG 1360, N 5ppm and phosphate 0.07. Not much work now, 10% weekly WC, fill ATO every two weeks, clean the skimmer cup, automation created great...