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  1. cracker

    Going price for a pro custom sump ?

    1st Folks, my apologies for not dropping by more often. So I want a custom size , pro built sump with 3 maybe 4 walls . The dimensions are, 45 by 16 by 16 with proper bracing of course . You think between 900 & 1000 bucks is about right? This doesn't include shipping as I can pick it up...
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    Sad end for a Cross Hatch Butterfly.

    Well My new Cross hatch is lying on it's side back under a rock. I'm seriously bummed over this. The fish was eating just fine until yesterday . Today ? I'm going to take it out & put it down. Very Sad. I wish this fish was still at home. This is two now Iv'e lost. I must find a healthy fish !
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    Seeking info on LongTentacle anemones

    Hello, My neighbor is slowly losing interest in his salt tanks. There is a small cube & a 75 that is "full" of Kenya tree. Water parameters are off the chart on nutrients. salinity last I checked was 1.20 etc. Anyway he is slowly giving his corals to me . I have 2 nice euphylia form him...
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    Woke up to cloudy water ?

    This morn the water in the 180 was cloudy . Only thing Iv'e added was 3 nassarious snail this week end. so this tank has been going for almost 2 years now. I have 4 fish & a few snail. A pair of clowns & 2 Buttefly's Anyway I ran an AM test & that's ok. The fish are out & mooching for food...
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    Alk drop after a water change??

    So after a water change the ALK can drop almost a whole point. ( from 8.0 to 7.1 last round) . I dose it back up to 8 in less than 25 hours. I do 20 /25 gl water change . Ya think this is too much water? I have mostly LPS with a few encrusting & a Montipora for now. I recenty melted an Acro...
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    I'm about to setup a qt tank & treat with copper

    I recently purchased a Puntata Butter fly for the new 180 . Well it developed white spots . They last a couple if days then disappear . Couple days later they comeback. Anyway I want to treat this fish for ich or velvet .Any reason I can't treat a pair of clowns & a butterfly with copper? Thanks
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    Any Pc geniuses out there, TSS wave?

    Could somebody please tell me what the term Tss Wave is? Every time I turn on my pc this flashes up. It states briefly, Tss wave needs to be upgraded due to recent windows upgrade W8 dependency fix eve etc . I have so far (for years) just closed it every morning. I'm curious as to...
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    dosing kalkwasser & vinegar via ato

    I use kalkwasser in my ato. The evaporation isn't enough to keep up with coral demands. I plan to experiment with adding vinegar & kalkwasser to the ato reservoir . What dangers do I need to look out for? High ph,atc . thanks !
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    Light on time for a new T5 fixture ?

    Hello, I recently installed an ATI 6 bulb over the 75. I have 2 fish and around 20 LPS corals. So after the 50 hrs burn in time. I mover the fixture closer to the water surface.( I had to hang it very high & add a couple of window screens as the par was way too strong. It was double what the...
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    How is using T5 compact fluorescent lighting?

    I Just ordered an ATI dimmable 6 bulb fixture for the 75. To be honest I'm tired of messing these Led's ! Call me old school if Ya want. Anyway I'm just interested in hearing from those who have T5"s & how do You like them. Thanks
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    Could use some fast Op's on a pair of Gold Stripe clowns.

    Hey Folks, I have been offered a pair of Gold Stripe clowns. I haven't seen these fish but know the owner & confident they are healthy. These fish have been together for over 2 years. All I know is they are a good size. what that means? No tellin. Anyway my Friend is selling do to a move. I'm...
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    Consider calibrating Your refractometer !

    Hello everybody, I learned a good lesson today.It's about paying attention to little details for a successful Marine aquarium. I always used RODI water to calibrate my refractometer. It's close enough I told myself ! Well ,I finally ordered some calibration solution. What I thought was...
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    I'm finding clumping in the sandbed. ???

    Good Evening Folks, so My shallow sandbed is starting to clump. literally turning to stone in places. Just noticed this tonight. The tank is about 18 months old. All the base rock is raised up (not exactly off but not buried in the sand either ) . so I have found it can be bacterial or Ca...
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    Effects of Salinity on testing ???

    Hey Folks, So I know that tests like MG,Alk.& Ca require the salinity need to be proper per the kit used. How about Nitrates & Phosphates ? The salinity in the cooking barrels ( trying to lower nutrients in old rock) is 1.030 I tested last night and the readings are very low but not zero's...
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    peroxide dip forrock experiment

    I have a smaller rock. It's all dried out and covered with dried out HA and such. I want to dip this rock in peroxide to see if it will clean out this algae. How strong do I make the solution? I have a big bottle peroxide I think I will add it all and add just enough water to cover the rock...
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    Found ,replacement syringes for Red Sea test kits.

    I have always been disappointed at how quickly the calibration marks on the syringes rub off ! Here is a very good deal on replacements. I have done side by side tests and they are the same. The tips fit,they have the points on the end of the plunger . (to push all solution out of the...
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    tunze ato 3155 capabilities??

    Hey Tunze Ato owners, Do You think the pump will push around 1.25 gallons a day, up 6 feet? I understand You can increase the power of the pump with an adjust inside the controller box. I have one on the 75 and like it a lot. My hope is to install another on a 180gl tank. Thanks for any...
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    takee a look at this bubble coral please

    Hey folks, This is my white bubble. Iv'e had it about a year I guess. Now this coral is a little finicky and won't open after water change or a move etc. This time however it's mouth is wide open and there are a few long brown strings coming out of the mouth. it never looked this bad ! 2...
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    Is grey pool hose safe for marine aquaria?

    Hey Folks, Do You think this grey pool hose would be safe? I want to use it for drains only. It's flexible and weighs a lot less than rigid PVC. So Bob Fenner stated that pool hose was ok in his experience. I also e/med the manufacturer to see what they had to say. What do You think?
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    possible dinnoflagellates problem ???

    Hello , Iv'e posted this pic before and never really got a definite id. I started running biopellets to rid my tank of a bad ha and bubble issue. The pellets wiped out the ha and pretty much decimated the bubble. but this brown stuff took over. It was slimy and would keep coming back after...