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  1. Fish Crazy

    Bio plastics

    Hello ThomastheTexan. We have just begun the adventure of adding NPX bioplastics to our TLF Phosban Reactor 150 in 180gal tank and are having to tweak the amounts of media added to the reactor. We found in the beginning a large bacteria bloom after adding almost all of the media in the first...
  2. Fish Crazy

    False Percula Clowns breeding

    Help!! Well this is a first for us after being in the hobbie for 6yrs we have eggs from the False Perc's on the back wall of our 180gal. We have little knowlegde on how to help the False Perc's keep their eggs safe...don't even know if they like to eat their young?? Anyone have any advise we...
  3. Fish Crazy

    Fish & Reef Obsession

    Tank is doing great no issues everything is growing like crazy Howeve we did have our spotted spiney puffer die it may have been due to ich when the UV went out for a couple of weeks
  4. Fish Crazy

    It BIT me!

    I try to always remember to wear my gloves in the tank - I've had too many encounters with bristle worms and corals - my blue jaw trigger tries to attach my gloved hand Highly recommend gloves better for the tank too
  5. Fish Crazy

    Solaris Display won't change

    On manual mine shows 100 % but I can tell it's not so I use the Auto setting and the timer - I too have been trying to get ahold of PFO - very disturbing
  6. Fish Crazy

    House Moisture?

    I have a 180 in my living room and live in the central part of California and we have been having lots of issues with condensation on the windows and mold forming. To combat this we turn on the ceiling fans which seems to help, and mix us bleach and water and clean the windown seals once a...
  7. Fish Crazy

    just brought my Copper Banded 'fly home

    Good luck with your CBB I have tried 2 of them and both died after 6 months eventhough eating well and no signs of stress - they are one of my favs but I'll not buy another one - hope you have better luck
  8. Fish Crazy

    LED on Aquariums

    I don't care where they get the money as long as they fix my light or give me a refund
  9. Fish Crazy

    LED on Aquariums

    I've been trying to get ahold of PFO to repair my 72" solaris and no one answers the phone - are they gone - BIg investment for me not sure how to recover
  10. Fish Crazy

    Anybody run a D&D skimmer?

    I have been running one since June on my 180 and it works great I purchased it from Aquatic Agression look up AQTCJAK and send him a PM
  11. Fish Crazy

    Fish & Reef Obsession

    It's been some time since we posted so here are some updated shot of the tank which has been set up for ~ 6 months
  12. Christmas Tank

    Christmas Tank

    This is our 58 we are just setting up again
  13. Christmas Tank

    Christmas Tank

    We decided to decorate the tanks for the holiday
  14. Christmas Tank

    Christmas Tank

    Fish tank fun
  15. Fish Crazy

    What Size Pump????

    We have a 180 (72x24x24) with (2) 1" drains and (2) 1" returns with 1" flow excellerators on them. We currently have a Mag-Drive 24 and I have to keep the ball valves turned back so the tank does not overflow and the water level in the tank is less than 1/4" - my question is I want to buy a...
  16. Fish Crazy

    Fish & Reef Obsession

    We drip acclimate everything and put it straight into the tank - I buy all fish from one place and trust the source so feel no need to acclimate - I have a UV sterlizer and will suppliment with MarineMax when new fish are added to reduce stress. I also turn out the lights after a new fish is...
  17. Fish Crazy

    Fish & Reef Obsession

    Have not posted in sometime we had a major water leak from our hot water heater under the slab and had to tear up the floor so we have been in just get by mode. All is doing well - we added a mandarian last week and when he comes out front and I can take a pictures I'll add one
  18. Fish Crazy

    Fish & Reef Obsession

    Dead Goby Today while looking at the tank the Diamond Goby came flying out from at the back of the tank under some rocks and started swimming upside down. He lasted about 2 minutes then he died upside down. When I took him out of the tank he had small mark on the side that looked like a...
  19. Fish Crazy

    Fish & Reef Obsession

    The new frags are in the tank and I have tried to take pictures buy they are so tiny I can't get a shot with our camera - bummer. But all 5 types of zooa are open and I put them on larger rocks so they would not get lost in the tank. The tri colored ricordea is looking very nice hopefully I...
  20. Fish Crazy


    I purchased Nori at my local Save Mart grocery store in the same section as ethnic foods. It was on a bottom shelf below packed mixes and noodles - my tangs love it and the price was right