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  1. mnreefman

    logan @ 6 months

    just a shot of logan sportin his favorite teams jersey hope you enjoy
  2. mnreefman

    been awhile

    hey guys n gals, its been awhile since i have been on, just so dang busy... no one told me being sa home owner and father would be so......... busy.... lol anyway logan is great 6 months in 5 days.... i cant believe its been that long already... tank was up but ive run into plumbing problems...
  3. mnreefman

    curring lr

    does water temp matter when curring a vat of lr... i started curring my 300 lbs yesterday, as i was wondering if i should place a heater in there
  4. mnreefman

    logan at 2 1/2 weeks

    just a couple pics of logan at 2 1/2 weeks... these are taken at my new house in which i closed on yesterday
  5. mnreefman

    wtb: A. Leucokranos

    im looking to buy a nice pair. please let me know what you have avaliable.. thank you
  6. mnreefman

    my new beginings

    well its about time i get this started, with us closing on the house on may 13th, its time i start to resurect this tank. lets start with the basics. the tank its self is being made by a local guy, he runs reefmania, greg sheilds is his name, and hes based out of apple valley minnesota. i...
  7. mnreefman

    and the lord said, let there be baby

    i would like to introduce you all to my son. Logan Ross Manchester. born 4/26/05, 8:16 am weight 9 lbs 4.4 oz, length 22" .
  8. mnreefman

    inducing labor round 1

    well just got back from the hospital tonight. jen is ungoing the ol gel on the cervex. tonight it was unsucsessful so far and they sent us home.. hopefull though sometime tonight it will kick in and help peed up the process.. if not we go back for round 2 tommarow. if that doesnt work, thursday...
  9. mnreefman

    Im Now Proud To Say I Am 148000 Dollars In Debt

  10. mnreefman

    noone told me buying a house was this stressful!!!

    so me and the fiancee have been looking for a houses here the past 2 months... noone ever told me that it would suck this much... we think we finally found one and made a offer on sat.... hopefully we will hear by wed if they accept or decline. anyway.... talk about stress.....
  11. mnreefman

    looks like you were just added...

    let me be the first to say welcome.... i enjoy seein reef clubs... nice to meet yall
  12. mnreefman

    let take a ride on your magic CARPET

    alright let me see em... whos got the carpet anemones... i plan on having a few in my 210 once its up.. i got a red and neon green being held for me by a neighbor, and i plan on gettin a blue and a yellow if i can find one.... but let me see yours!
  13. mnreefman

    what pump?

    hey guys, im trying to decide which pump to go with. it will be run on a 8 way oceansmotions... lps tank.... sequence dart? or the barracuda? id prefer the baracudda, however i just think that might be a lil more flowe than what im looking for.... but as always your opinions are always valued...
  14. mnreefman

    couple new pics of the puppy

    here we go
  15. mnreefman

    honeymoon destination!!

    well i think we have fianlly narowed it down. we wont be going till next dec/ jan because of school ect ect our #1 choice is australia!! and i think this where we will end up going #2 grand caymen isalnds.. ive been there and they were devistated from the hurrican... but it is in the...
  16. mnreefman

    input wanted final planning input wanted

    final planning input wanted well as im sitting here looking at my empty 210 sitting in the corner, im wondering which route to go. this is going to be a lps tank loaded to the gills with acans/blastos/frogspawns/torches/echinos/oxypora/mycedium/scolys/cynaria..... you get the picture... my...
  17. mnreefman

    more flow from overflows

    hey guys n gals, is there anyway i can get more flow from a exsisting overflow. the all glass megaflow is rated for 1200 gph. is there anyway i can increase this to 2500? i dont want to drill this tank ( im scared) and i really really want to invest in a oceansmotions system. however with 1200...
  18. mnreefman

    OT: let see the puppies

    heres my new puppy, maximus, 12 weeks old
  19. mnreefman

    blueline ballasts and bulbs

    these any good? what bulbs can be fired and what cant.... thanks
  20. mnreefman

    my new project

    well i was going to start a new project a few months ago but once i became engaged that totally wiped out thoes plans... (or so i had thought) my finacee and i were visiting a local shop yesterday when i saw my dream tank. its an all-glass reef ready 210 gallon. i instantly started to drool...