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    Biocube 8 filter maintenance

    Hi, I've got a biocube 8 with the inTank media basket containing filter floss, purigen and chemipure. I was wondering how often I should be changing out the filter floss and cleaning/regen the purigen and chemipure? Thanks...
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    Newbie intro

    If you look at the pic it's on the small piece of old coral on the top in the middle. The spines look stubby but it's really small and hard to tell for me. Guess I'm ok though...
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    Newbie intro

    Not too worried about organizing the LR now as I plan on moving it all to the biocube 8 this coming weekend. I have some base and Live rock coming this week and should be able to get something a bit more picturesque going in the BC hopefully!
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    Newbie intro

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    My 6 gallon Fluval Edge build

    Nice tank!
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    A Picture A Day......

    Great pics!
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    Buying Corals From Petco?

    Nice to know Petco sells corals. I had no idea!
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    Newbie intro

    Thanks guys, I'll do that when I have 5 posts! Just noticed yesterday that one of my LR's has a small fingernail size black urchin. Not sure where he was hiding before but he's exploring the tank now. Interesting surprise! Not sure if it's a good or bad thing though...
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    Newbie intro

    Hi, I'm new to reefing. I used to keep quasi reef setups back in the 80's (Mostly just a pimped up Saltwater setup...) in a 29 and 50 gallon tank. Stopped due to increased travel. Well, now I've had a biocube 8 freshwater setup for my daughter for a few years. I told her when the last...