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  1. EdgeKrusher

    Black Spots on Clown Fish

    No other symptoms. I have a frogspawn and was told by the guy at the LFS I frequent that they are very similar to hammer but don't sting. I only have a small patch of Zoo's and I know they aren't hosting with them. I'll keep an eye on him, but I'll worry less as long as his behavior stays the...
  2. EdgeKrusher

    Black Spots on Clown Fish

    I've had the same two percs in my aquarium for over 4 years now without any problems. Last week I noticed the smaller of the two had a couple of black spots on it's left side. He wasn't acting any differently than normal, but I've kept my eye on him. Then on Saturday morning my wife told me that...
  3. EdgeKrusher

    Mushroom Removal Question

    Thanks I'll give that a try. One question though, where do I get a bone cutter plier from? Sounds like some sort of medical instrument.
  4. EdgeKrusher

    Mushroom Removal Question

    It's been over a year since I've been on this site, and my tank has really been doing well. I had a bunch of zoos, purple, and orange shrooms. Over the past year the purple mushrooms have grown exponentially and have overgrown the zoos and are starting to overtake the orange shrooms. What is the...
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    Thanks Gina!
  6. EdgeKrusher


    I had a coralife moonlight, but it fell in the tank about 10 times, then it stopped working. I'm thinking of making my own. Gina, Are yours DIY? Peace EK
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  8. EdgeKrusher

    How long does live rock last?

    The rock should last for a very long time, thouogh it will absorb alot of the nutrients and detrius that we don't want in our tanks. So I suggest blasting the rock with a PH or a turkey baster when you do your maintainance. This will make the LR more efficient, and last longer. Or you could do...
  9. EdgeKrusher

    Back to the same old question...

    No chemicals for me. I know they work, but I also don't like the thought of them hidding the problem. I'm 100% sure it's Cyano, I've had it before. I cleaned all the pumps in Vinegar during the move. I spoke with Curt today and he suggested that it's probably because the Cyano is appearing in...
  10. EdgeKrusher

    Promoting ReefSanctuary

    I've been sooooo busy that I haven't found the time to post. I've missed this place, and terri also, but she's not the main reason I come here. I guess I haven't seen a decline since I haven't been here. There's also alot of bad stuff going on in this country and around the world, and I'm sure...
  11. EdgeKrusher

    ok, is it good or bad... came on live rock...

    Tricky Nikki. You have to sign up to view that picture. LOL just giving you a hard time. EK
  12. EdgeKrusher

    Back to the same old question...

    Now I moved just over a month ago, and so did my tank, but the sand stayed at the old place. So my little 15 gallon nano is bare bottom. Recently I've noticed Cyano, but it's in a wired place, it's on my pumps and that's it. Why would this be. The last time I had this problem the cyano was...
  13. EdgeKrusher

    My bottom is bare!

    Just been out of the loop. I used to post alot at work, but then my work performance bottomed out, and I had to stop. So now I post at home when I get the chance. I miss this place sometimes, and I feel like a stranger now with all the new people here. LOL. Oh, and I'm building a new stand for...
  14. EdgeKrusher

    My bottom is bare!

    I just moved, again, seems like every year I'm moving. This is the last time for a while I swear, cuz taking down and setting up my 15 gal was a PTA(I feel sorry for those of you who have bigger tanks, really I do). Got it all done in one day, and ditched the sand. I'm going bare bottom. Just...
  15. EdgeKrusher

    Runaway mushroom!

    All the shrooms in my tank seem to be creeping down toward the bottom of the tank, by themselves. Is this normal, does this mean there's too much light, or flow?
  16. EdgeKrusher

    Tell me what you really think

    What are you when everyone says your photos are great, except you think they are garbage? I've been reading books, and checking out the internet, but they aren't improving. Even with Travis's help and suggestions my pics still look like a hung over college student took them. LOL I guess it's the...
  17. EdgeKrusher

    Hurricane FRANCES

    edited. Thank you for your concern, but our moderators are more than capable of handling something like this. (Travis) Luis, I feel for ya man! But I'm more happy that you and your family are ok. Your tank was beautiful and one of my favorites. I truly hope you'll start it up again, but take...
  18. EdgeKrusher

    Photos- sRGB vs. aRGB

    Gotcha! Thanks Travis.
  19. EdgeKrusher

    Zoo Trip. Yay!

    I was at the zoo a couple of weeks ago, and was lucky enough to catch one of those rare, but perfect Minnesota days. These are just some of the pics that I took, I have more but it's late and I'm tired. Baboons Merekat Flowers Napoleon Wrasse Leopard Shark...
  20. Flowers


    Taken at the Minnesota Zoo. I just enjoy the color's of these flowers.