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    Hollywood Stunner Chalice Receding

    Your cleanup crew knows when a coral is on the way out and since hermit crabs are opportunistic eaters they will feed on dying coral just like bristle worms even Nassarius snails.
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    30x30x16 cube

    Excellent work, love the dimensions of the tank !
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    Trying to save my anemone

    It looks like an LTA and it looks like the size has been drastically reduced which usually indicates that he's slowly starving. Anemones do inflate and deflate but in the first photo it isn't deflated. To be able to help you we need to know the parameters and what type of lighting and how many...
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    Hollywood Stunner Chalice Receding

    Yes corals adjust to their conditions (lighting/flow) moving them often is not a good thing and can lead to stress,I would suggest finding a good spot and leaving them there.
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    Corals next to each other
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    Clean sand or don't clean sand?

    Agreed ! I haven't touched my SB in almost 10 years.
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    The multiple sand proposition

    Here's a good read and the pros and cons of the different grain sizes.
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    A Picture A Day......

    Cryptocentrus inexplicatus DSC03197 by cokeman5497, on Flickr
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    A Picture A Day......

    DSC02984 by cokeman5497, on Flickr
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    RS Members Full Tank Shots

    Just the actinics DSC03038 by cokeman5497, on Flickr
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    October TOTM!

    Beautiful tank can't wait to see those SPS fill in the tank !
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    Anthias feeding

    In captivity you'll find very little if any zooplankton in the water column even in mature tanks in my experience. If they hunted pods like wrasses then yes they would have plenty of natural food to sustain them but that's not what they do.
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    A Picture A Day......

    Thanks Chris I usually shoot in RAW instead of JPEG much easier to post process especially when shooting a fish tank, it's very difficult to photograph with those light conditions.
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    Anthias feeding

    My experience is that to keep these fish long term they need to be fed small amounts several times a day, these fish are very active and they don't usually gorge themselves like other fish.
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    Time for First SPS?

    Proper water chemistry is very important when keeping stony corals, monitoring your Magnesium/alkalinity/calcium are equally important and keeping one higher than normal will displace the others. With your calcium levels that high it'll be very difficult maintaining your alk levels, what are you...
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    Flame Angel

    Yes as long as it's not overcrowded and you have a good amount of mature LR then he'll do well.