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    The 5g pico that broke into a 17g nano!

    So I had a beautiful little 5 gallon rimless tank that I had made for a SPS pico. I spent a weekend some time ago converting a dresser into a stand for it, drilling it etc. I felt really good about it and left it all out on the deck overnight aaand... The gods smited me with a sudden windstorm...

    5 gallon SPS pico.

    Looking at LED options for a mini SPS reef. These are my 2 top contenders right now. Please if you can offer any suggestions or critiques on the potentials, I'd appreciate it.

    Pico overflow...

    Hello team! I am in the process of building a pico sps reef out of a fluval spec v. The plan is to convert an old dresser into a stand and home for a 10-20 gallon refugium. I was initially going to go with a canister, but the fuge seem like a far better route. With that in mind my...

    I'm back. Sort of...

    Hello Reef Sanctuary. After almost a decade, I am about to embark into this hobby again. I used to have a 15g mantis tank. A poor execution of a move cost me everything. After that, I got into RC competed for 2 years, discovered guns and built some, and now I cultivate vivariums and have 5...

    Well, how the heck have all you great people been?

    I has been quite some time since i have frequented the analogs of reeferdom. How you all doin? Can you guys like, be troubled to link me to the info i seek? I am now, about to start, plotting the build of a reef late summer 2011. I got out 3 years ago, sold all my LPS etc, tank light...

    Only If You Have A Qt

    ONLY if you have a QT (you'll need it) 6X5" red and blue lobo $35 + shipping 2 8+ head acans, $20 each and yes, im done.


    24" Sundial t5 fixture. 6 bulbs, <6months use. you all can have it for $150 + shipping

    {{{expletive Deleted}}}

    So my tank went to haties. time to bring it, like back? stronger! Faster! SMARTER!!!!! The first STEP! i getting rid of everything i have except my t5's, My mantis, and maybe my LR. BANE the mantis will go to an LFS for a month while i get a 10 gallon tank w/ like MAYBE 5lbs new LR...

    what causes bleaching?

    Other than lighting? anything?

    Bobs Battle Begins, the dreaded byprosis

    i had a minor outbreak in my teenyweeny tank. i bought a lettuce nudi. he did a great job. it was almost non existant. then, my freggin acans munched the lil guy who dissolved into my tank. even w/ an immediate WC and 48hrs running carbon, BYPROSIS TOOK OVER MY TANK!!!!! this is...

    OT: RC hobbiests, i need you.

    i want a mini RC monster or stadium truck. first off, whats a good forum? second, can i bug one of you with a plethora of questions?

    Holy Smokes!!!! Minor Troubles!!!!

    sooooooooo i was gone from Firaday evening until sat evening for halloween. when i got home on sat, my tank looked, well, bad. a 4"x4" spot of cyano showed up outa nowhere. THEN! GUESS WHAT I SAW!!! my freggin acans were eating (really ripping) my lettuce nudi!!! half was eaten, the...

    Salt Creep.......

    my lil tank is all oldschool and ghetto. the top edge has your standard black plastic rim/bracket around the perimeter. as time has passed, i believe the silicon seal between the glass and the black plastic has failed.... so i get salt creep around the bottom edge of the plastic rim. I...

    How GHETTO are you?

    first off, i live in a trailer...:lol: but what im really talkin about is your tanks. with all the all in ones, aqua-controllers, probes, ATO's, reactors, tunzes blah blah, i can get jealous. BUT i am a ghetto reefer and proud of it. i top off with a one gallon jug of ro/di that i buy at...

    Whats your flow, yo?

    lets see what the norm is for turnover. i have an 18 gallon tank, no sump. currently i am running 2 Nano Korillas, a rio 90, and a HOB Typhoon skimmer. thats 240+240+90+290=860GPH 860/18 =47.7777777 so i gots 47X turnover per hour in my lil tanky wank. HOW BOUT YOU?:hallo:

    More hand holding needed

    soo im about to buy a 24" Current USA Sundial T5HO fixture. im all new to this, so i need a lil reassurence. the lady at Current usa need a smack up side the head. her reply to "What size Bulb does that fixture take?" is i dunno. "sooo you dont...

    Just Freggin Tell Me What To Do?!?!?!

    i have an 18 gallon tank. its 20" wide, and 10" deep. im goin to get a T5 fixture. i was initially into this 6 bulb 108watt one Current USA Nova Extreme Pro T5 Aquarium Lighting Fixture, 6X18 Watt, 20 inch but am wotrried about the lack of 18" bulb options. so im debating goin with a...

    Anybody run a Current Nova Extreme Pro?

    how do you like it? been lookin aroung, but have heard that this fixture kinda sux do to the stock bulb only limitations?

    Halide question

    is there like a chart, or formula that will help me predict how hot my teeny weeny tank will get with a HQI at said height? i wish i had a formula for eveything

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