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    Hello! Looking forward to participating in the discussions here!

    Welcome to RS, glad to have ya aboard !
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    Skimmer maintenance

    Well since my wife has been under bed rest for the last couple of months I have neglected my tank even my posting time here at RS has been affected. I noticed that my skimmer effluent has been drastically reduced, as a matter of fact I couldn't even see into the skimmer body because of the...
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    OT: My trip to Seaworld

    Thought I'd share some photos from my recent trip :) The first photo is of our family {my wife is 6 months pregnant and held up suprisingly well during the trip, we walked for miles} with a beautiful backdrop. Me and my sister feeding and caressing the dolphins: Of course a...
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    Reef fanatic ballast

    The last couple of days my 14k bulb shifted considerably to a more yellowish color. I switched the bulbs to the XM10k and the Coralvue 12k and the same thing. Not only has the spectrum shifted considerably the bulb is being way overdriven, really very bright and the ballast is running very hot ...
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    Damsels and Tridacnads !

    I'm wondering if anyone has had problems with Damsels and Clams ??? I have a couple of Chrysiptera cyaneas and the male keeps taking nips at my Croceas one of them is soo severly stressed that the mantle has bleached in some areas, I just want to kill him :verymad: I've tried to catch him but...
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    We've read many times the benefits of adding kalkwasser especially in regards of exporting PO4 thru precipitation. I have a couple of questions: 1. Is it possible for the the precipitation that builds up on heaters, pumps, all over my to become soluble if not removed ? 2...
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    Snail ID

    Trying to ID this snail...they're prime suspects in the murder of a Tridacna. These were caught by a friend in a trip to Cancun Mexico. Any info on the would be appreciated. TIA
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    Part of Great Barrier Reef now ‘a white desert’
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    Dream Tank

    Check out the videos of this monster tank project :bugout: :bugout:
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    My Trigger is gone :tears:

    Well it was a cold snowy saturday morning and I look in my tank to see if everything is ok and I don't notice the Trigger coming to the front pane like he usually does looking for a treat but I think nothing of it, a couple of hours later I notice my Haddoni totaly extended and swollen would be...
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    Is Bleaching Coral's Way of Making the Best of a Bad Situation?
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    Reef mismanagement may have 'devastating' impact
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    Heliacus areola !

    There a couple of Zoanthus colonies that I have that haven't been opening up for several weeks and last night I looked in the tank and I appear to have several dozens of these Sundial snails in my tank, they are still tiny and difficult to take pictures of but how do I get rid of them ? Is their...
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    Dream vacation
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    Listening System May Help Save Whales
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    Your favorite LFS

    Since a good LFS is difficult to find sometimes I figured maybe it would be a good Idea to share with other members what is your favorite LFS and why ? Do they Quaratine their livestock ? Do they have any frag tanks ? Do they carry captive bred/raised fish ? Do they carry a good variety of...
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    Researcher trying to breed tropical fish

    Saw this at RF:
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    Ireland Underwater

    Cuddlefish posted this link at another site and I thought you guys might like it really incredible photography :)
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    Fake Shark Skin Could Make Navy Fleet Faster
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    New Legislation Aims to Bail Out Oceans