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    Cleanup crew with eel!

    I am looking to pickup a snowflake eel to go into a predator tank. What I want to know is what inverts do people add to a predator tank with triggers, angles, tangs and an eel. These fish will be in one of 2 150gal tanks Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Increasing aquarium total volume and cycling

    I have a quick question. I am adding 2 additional 150g tanks to my current system (3 tanks that total 210gal). Will adding these tanks cause a new cycle? I currently have approx 250lbs of live rock between the first 3 tanks and sump. I can add the new tanks one at a time. The new tanks will...
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    Dap Silicone option

    Has anyone used the DAP Kitchen silicone? It if a food grade silicone, it comes in clear, and from the test that i saw it sticks to acrylic fairly well. I have searched and dont see any post of anyone using it at all. The price is $7 a tube so it is cost effective and it is very clear when...
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    New equipment Felix Smart

    Has anyone seen this and or tried this yet? A smart aquarium controller and its cheaper than an Apex. It also comes with an 360° camera. Please let me know if you have heard about this , good or bad. I was going to purchase another apex neptune power bar, but this may be a better option...
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    Stocking suggestions for 2 150g tanks

    Hello everyone, I need some help creating a stocking list for a pair of 150 gallon salt water tanks. Right now I am setting up my first fish room and there is nothing in these tanks as of yet. I am looking into some suggestions from the community as to what fish to add to these tanks. I want 1...