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My tank thread Zak's RSM250 thread
Live Start Date:- End of June 2009 -1 x RSM250, 1 x Koralia Powerhead top left looking from front, 1 x Maxijet 1250 pump bottom left looking from front, 1 x Tunze 3155 Disconnected !!,
1 x AquaMedic Titan 500 1/4HP chiller with external pump, 1 x TMC Vecton UV Steriliser, 2 x Leather Coral, 1 x Mushroom Coral, 1 x Anthelia Coral (new one), 2 x Green star Polyp, 2 x Fire shrimp, 1 x Bumblebee Snail, 9 x Red Legged Hermit Crabs, 4 x Blue Knuckled Hermit Crabs, 1 x Coral Beauty, 2 x Emerald Crabs, 1 x Maze Coral and 1 x Mushroom polyps rock, 2 x common clowns ocellaris, 1 x Sargassum RIP, 1 x Yellow Tang, 1 x Regal tang, 1 x Clam, 1 x Feather Duster, 2 x Button Polyp mat, 1 x Hammerhead coral, 1 x elegance coral, 3 x African blue



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