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    OT: Happy Mother’s Day!

    To all you wonderful mother’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day!!
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    Need some suggestions for new Skimmer

    I’d be trying for some 20-30% water changes on a consistent basis to clean things up. Then the skimmer can maintain it
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    Have I killed my corals

    I think I’d do a few changes while monitoring levels. Might be good to look at something like microbacter 7 to help things.
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    Need some suggestions for new Skimmer

    Oh yeah, forgot. WE NEED PICS!!!
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    Need some suggestions for new Skimmer

    You are more than welcome! I think your challenge here will be the space you have may be small/tight for the skimmer you need for your size tank. but, the reef octopus family of skimmers is where I think you will land, good value for sure
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    1400G outdoor koi pond / tank

    Oh boy, I don’t even know what to say vs I’m following along! I love the above ground build, I usually see these in the ground for overwintering
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    Need some suggestions for new Skimmer

    How about the Regal 200SSS 8" Space Saving Protein Skimmer (VarioS) - Reef Octopus. If you can fit something in the neighborhood I think it would perform well.
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    Welcome to RS!! Happy to help with the plumbing. What are you trying to incorporate?
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    Need some suggestions for new Skimmer

    Welcome back! Can you tell me a little bit about where you’ll place it, how much footprint room you have as well as height? In sump or out? And most importantly, budget! Ill wait for that until I make a recommendation but the reef octopus ones are a really good value and the new varios pumps...
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    Blue's 40G Mixed Reef

    Tank looks super healthy! Flow is so important when trying to keep detritus suspended. I just added 4 mp40s to my tank so the flow is definitely rocking!
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    Looking for some guidance on my chemistry

    What kind of salt are you using? Some big water changes with a quality salt should get things turned around for you, just don’t go too quick. Alk swings can be tough in corals.
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    Fleece Roller Filters and Red Sea v3 Sump

    I hate filter socks so In my new sump, I’m sockless. It’s big enough that the detritus settles and the skimmer gets first crack at it. I just do water changes through the sump where I vacuum it out. Now for your question, I love the idea of them but I hear they jam so I’m assuming they need to...
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    HELP! Strange measurements in my water chemistry.

    You can absolutely do a 100% change......especially in a fish only tank. Now if it were me, I’d do a few, 40-50% changes because it’s easier.
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    Douglas's Reefer 525XL Mixed Reef

    Looks great. Whatcha got for a clean up crew in there?