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    I’m back from again 12 years Back

    Welcome back and that looks amazing! What kind of sps do you have in there?
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    And so, it begins.... again!

    Looks like someone is getting bit by the tank bug again! Welcome back and good luck with the beta!!
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    PSU’s Peninsula

    So I have been able to catch the two bluestars in the tank abs they are now in an acclimation box and I released the one mentioned above into the display. So far so good, no one is chasing her. My plan is to let her get acclimated to the tank and then release one of the originals at a time...
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    Hang on skimmers

    Sounds like you know what you’re doing then…… I’d stick to water changes vs a skimmer. I prefer sumps but seem to have better experiences with them than you. no skimmer equals more water changes in my book.
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    RSM 130D ATO sensor placement?

    @RedSeaKev thanks for stopping by to help out!!
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    Keeping tank cool?

    Yeah they seem to be the best no touch swap ins
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    Keeping tank cool?
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    Keeping tank cool?

    You can go leds or add a fan to see if it limits the heat.
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    PSU’s Peninsula

    After about a month, this guy just showed up! Can’t believe he stayed in the sand that long
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    Novice questions

    How big of a tank are you lighting and what are you trying to keep? There are a lot of options.
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    New member greeting

    Welcome to RS James! Tell us about your setup?
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    Caulerpa problem in DT

    Might wanna dip rocks In h2o2?
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    Caulerpa problem in DT

    How big is the tank?
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    PSU’s Peninsula

    Sitting at 9.8 for the past 5 days or so - think I’ve found a balance!