I started my first salt water tank a couple of years ago during the petsmart or petco, whichever, $1 per gallon sale. Got a 40 gallon tank, a canister filter, some fishes. Ended up hating all the junk and wires hanging off it so I upgraded to a 32g bio cube.

Had my biocube for 4 months (maybe) had some very expensive black ice snowflake clowns some cardinals, some easy corals then I got a call one day while on a trip that my tank exploded. Luckily my wife was home when the BioCube literally blew up, only the first 6 inches of glass remained! We saved all the fish by some act of god and put them into my desk tank I had recently started which was a Fluval 13.5 EVO.

After a few months and some personal stuff I moved to Belize and stopped my aquarium hobby to scuba with the real thing. Now I'm getting back into the hobby and have a 70.3 Waterbox on the way and looking forward to using that to talk my wife into getting more tanks one day!
June 30
Stay at home husband


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