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    Just popping in remembering the good old days!

    Just popping in remembering the good old days!
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    Copperband with neurological or vision problem

    That fish is two thirds older then it would have been in the wild. Good job Paul!
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    HELP! New to ReefSanctuary

    Hi Wendy welcome aboard!! Looks fine. Probably wasn’t getting the proper nutrition before and is now showing his true colors! Keep updating this thread with pictures daily and I’ll keep an eye on him. Please post your water parameters so we can be sure the water quality is good
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    New to Reef Sanctuary

    Ah, the sweet color of coralline! Welcome aboard!
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    HELP! Silicone for aquarim

    I wouldn’t risk it. Just order aquarium safe silicone.
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    Is this a good acclimation box?

    Or, if you like spending money on cool looking stuff just go with your original plan. I do it all the time ;) makes the experience more fun. As time gos by you will learn to cheap down. (I like the hamster ball idea!)
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    Need advise (new tank)

    Welcome to Reef Sanctuary, I have little experience with those systems so if I was going to setup one of those up I would start reading the Reef Chronicles here on those aquariums. We have quite the community of RSM keepers...
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    Glenn's Reef RSM 250

    Happy New Year Glenn! How’s the tank?
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    Weolcome to reef sanctuary! Do you ever make it up to Charleston sc? I have some equipment I could give you.
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    Glenn's Reef RSM 250

    Wow it's been a while since I cruised the sanctuary. Man Glenn that thing got big! It's just awesome in its awesomeness! Well done brother. You truly do maintain a long term healthy aquarium that I envy your ability to do!
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    Shallow Rimless Build

    Thank you again! It's actually pretty cool turning 47. I worked hard to get to this point in my life. Learning luthiering had been very enjoyable. Tons of cool tools and wood species to play with. It's giving me new insight to my future aquarium and how things will operate. Here are a few...
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    Shallow Rimless Build

    Thank you so much Glenn ! So sorry I missed that. Doing well, in the middle of trying to purchase some land to build a house on aquariums should be in the near future!
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    EVB's Red Sea Max S 650 LED

    Looking good man
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    HELP! Which salt

    I use to keep Reefer Best Salt in solution for two week clips with no problems
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    A Picture A Day......

    Roscoe, one of my rescues. Doing well, I'm up to three Weimaraners now!