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    A successful RSM 250 Refugium in the media rack

    Been awhile since anyone posted here, well, I gave this a shot. Just started it up last week. I got the media basket from intank and they also had a submersible LED from Tunze. I put the magnet in my DT and the...
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    Hello everybody

    How is that Aqua Medic EVO 500? I also just recently inherited a RSM250 and I'm looking for a new skimmer.
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    How do you remove the canopy from a RSM250?

    I know this thread is super old, but I am having the same issue. About to put LEDs into my RSM250 hood and trying to figure out how to take it apart. After removing those two pins in the back near the skimmer, what did you end up doing about the legs?
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    My new RSM 250 - LED recommendations

    Thanks man! I've spent like 10 years with this tank in our office, so I just couldn't bear to see it go to a stranger so taking it home was a no brainer for me. The tank itself is a little newer since a crack developed in the old one a few years ago and Red Sea replaced it for us. I am going...
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    My new RSM 250 - LED recommendations

    I'm def. leaning Steve's based on the reviews and talking to Jeff @ Steve's. He gave me a ton of info and their kit really does sound like the best.
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    My new RSM 250 - LED recommendations

    Hey all! Just joined the forum. I recently inherited a RSM 250 from my office as they decided they no longer wanted to pay for the upkeep. So last weekend we moved it into my house and so far it's doing great. Got everything I need for the care, kept all the original water and life in tact...