Nanotuners has closed!

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Thread: Nanotuners has closed!

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    Nanotuners has closed!

    I was checking to see what kind of future upgrades I can make to the office tank at Nanotuners. Their homepage indicated that they closed around October 27th. It's so sad to see another business closing!


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    Re: Nanotuners has closed!

    Truly a shame since they offered unique & one of a kind upgrades for smaller systems. Definitely will be missed.
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    Re: Nanotuners has closed!

    I'm not surprised..... i tried ordering something from them like 2 months ago and it was a HORRIBLE experiance with some of the WORST customer service ever.....
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    Re: Nanotuners has closed!

    I bet the new wave of leds & led pricing coming down, had a huge effect on their business

    from their site...

    Nov 16, 2004 - Oct 27, 2011

    It is with great sadness to announce the end of consumer facing operations at Nanotuners/Nanocustoms. After nearly 8 years as a direct to consumer operation, we are changing gears.

    For those customers who have been along for the ride, we thank you for your support. From our humble beginnings on a dining room table, to our latest endeavors, you have been the driving force behind our creativity. A hobbyist to the very core, I am eternally Grateful.

    To those customers in the past 3 weeks whom we have been out of contact with, I am truly sorry and ashamed. Our email system has been down since early October, with my sole contact being at chris@nanocustoms. com

    Please contact me through this email address and I will be right in touch. Refunds will be issued in Full to all remaining orders. Custom orders for CNCd products (hybrids + retros + fixtures) will be filled within 3 weeks.

    It has been my utmost pleasure serving and growing with the community. INNOVATE OR DIE!


    Cheers & Good Luck.

    Christopher Jung
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    Re: Nanotuners has closed!

    That sucks. Mike got a couple things from them for his JBJ. The only place around where you could get stuff specifically for the smaller tanks.
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    Re: Nanotuners has closed!

    Dang this sucks. I spoke with Chris a a month or so ago. With this information some other things I noticed at the time are much more clear now. I do hate they are "changing gears" but I can also understand "you gotta do what you gotta do". I wish them the best in their endeavors. Who knows maybe this change will still end up benefiting us in the hobby in some other way.

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