Large water changes, corals and anemones

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Thread: Large water changes, corals and anemones

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    Question Large water changes, corals and anemones

    Hope this isn't a dumb question... Does it harm corals and anemones when you perform a large water change and they become exposed to the air (for several minutes)?
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    Re: Large water changes, corals and anemones

    Many coral can (and often do) tolerate short exposure to air and the elements but the shorter the better. Some coral (sponges, many soft tissue) can be harmed or killed by the air.

    Sponges have their vascular systems filled with air and they can't expel the air so they can feed/function normally. Many soft tissue coral can't support their own flesh and when exposed to air they could literally tear/rip with-in.

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    Re: Large water changes, corals and anemones

    It's not really good for them but I think we all have done it from time to time with no ill effects.

    If your doing this all the time I would recommend smaller more frequent water changes, a lot of us do 10% weekly water changes to avoid this scenario.

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    Re: Large water changes, corals and anemones

    They should be fine, turn your lights off to reduce light and heat exposure during this time.

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    Re: Large water changes, corals and anemones

    Corals of all different species, Clams, Anemones, etc. experience being exposed to the air every day, in the wild, at low tide. They survive just fine. In fact, one of the most successful ways of shipping anemones, is with no water in the bag.

    If your corals are going to be exposed for long, it might be a good idea to turn your lights off.

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    Re: Large water changes, corals and anemones

    Anemone shipped with no water, really? I have gotten snails that way just wrapped in wet towels but wouldn't have guessed the anemone without water, if it works, right.

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