gluing rocks together

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Thread: gluing rocks together

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    gluing rocks together

    Which is a god glue for glueing rocks to each other underwater? i have a good aquascape going but snails keep pusshing my corals over, so i need to glue/cement the rocks they are growing on to larger rocks, is there a glue that works underwater or do i need to remove the rocks to glue them, then replace them in the tank?


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    Re: gluing rocks together

    IMO if you want something to actually stick to the rock epoxy is the way to go... but it has to be aquarium safe...

    like this...

    HoldFast Epoxy Stick

    or this..

    Aquarium Aquascaping & Coral Propagation: Two Little Fishies AquaStik Epoxy Putty

    I have used both and they both work equally well... and they cure underwater

    Super glue gel will not hold for very long especially on rock but you can use it underwater
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    Re: gluing rocks together

    AquaMend. $3.99 at most HomeDepot's. It's a 2 part putty type epoxy. I used it for my rockwork and I use it to attach corals. It's the same exact stuff as the stuff sold in the hobby at 1/2 the cost or less. Same goes for super glue.

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    Re: gluing rocks together

    frag plug --> superglue gel --> AquaMend epoxy --> superglue gel --> large rock
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