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Thread: Top Fin website?

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    Re: Top Fin website?

    Top Fin is made by PetSmart. Either call your local store, or call 1-800-804-2059 for answers to your Top Fin product questions. We just bought a TopFin aquarium, was missing directions, so I know for sure this is correct information.

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    Re: Top Fin website?

    Thanks for posting the number! I am looking into stocking up on their "soft sinking pellet with krill" food. I have a yellow tang, sail-fin tang,, golden eyed tang, flame angel, royal gramma, yellow clown Gobi, percula clown, fire shrimp and CB and various brittle stars and hermits(yes,all in the same tank). They all love it, but I don't really like buying from petsmart. Wish it wasn't so.
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    Re: Top Fin website?

    I know that this is an old thread, but for others looking for this answer, you can find it by looking at the Catalog Specifications PDF on the Aqueon website, it will tell you that the bottom if the bottom is tempered.

    Here is the link:
    Aqueon Products Submersible Heater

    The link refers to heaters, but the link to the PDF is on the top right hand side, under the photos.

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