Oceans failing the acid test, U.N. says

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Thread: Oceans failing the acid test, U.N. says

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    Oceans failing the acid test, U.N. says

    Article provided by jpsika08, Thanks

    (CNN) -- The chemistry of the world's oceans is changing at a rate not seen for 65 million years, with far-reaching implications for marine biodiversity and food security, according to a new United Nations study released Thursday.
    "Environmental Consequences of Ocean Acidification," published by the U.N. Environmental Program (UNEP)," warns that some sea organisms including coral and shellfish will find it increasingly difficult to survive, as acidification shrinks the minerals needed to form their skeletons.
    Lead author of the report Carol Turley, from the UK's Plymouth Marine Laboratory said in a statement: "We are seeing an overall negative impact from ocean acidification directly on organisms and on some key ecosystems that help provide food for billions. We need to start thinking about the risk to food security."
    Tropical reefs provide shelter and food for around a quarter of all known marine fish species, according to the U.N. report, while over one billion people rely on fish as a key source of protein.
    For the complete article please follow this link:
    Oceans failing the acid test, U.N. says - CNN.com
    My current thread,
    If we ignore the environment
    maybe it will just go away....

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    Re: Oceans failing the acid test, U.N. says

    Very compelling article! But, until governments around the world have the fortitude to drastically change the status quo, then it will be business as usual and industrial accidents and pollution of catastrophic proportions will continue! The real problem lies within our life styles and the global economic model, and none of us has any idea how to change that! I worry for my children and grandchildren!!

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