Chiller questions

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Thread: Chiller questions

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    Chiller questions

    So last night my AC went out in my apartment and I was up every couple hours trying to keep the temp right in both my DT and QT. So then I thought that I may buy a chiller to help with that issue should it ever arise agian. However, I have no clue what to look for in chillers or where even to begin for that fact. Any recomendations?

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    Re: Chiller questions

    Check out the sponsors here, I do not need one so can not give any recomondations.
    The difference between a Reef tank and a money shredder is the Tank will trip the GFI!

    120gal tank, 30gal fuge/sump, 2 250w MH, 2 96w Actinics, SPS's, LPS's, fish.

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    Re: Chiller questions

    Here we have available Teco, JAD, Hailea, more or less. There are also models with heater.
    Bear in mind that you should oversize it a bit, I was once recommended to increase the performance by 30% at least (they are graded in Hp).
    Surely you will also have to install a pump (a small one could suffice if your DT is not too big)

    I used to have an electric one but moved to the gas one for better results.
    Both of them are noisy (one the vent, the other the compressor) and will expell hot air, thus the housing should be wide enough to enable ventilation.
    In warm countries people sometimes have them outside at the balcony well covered to protect them from rain and sun, just need a more powerful pump.

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    Re: Chiller questions

    Definitely oversize the chiller the more the better i think but there is a limit and jbj articas are a good brand with I hear very good customer service !!
    I'm running a 1/3hp Artica on my 55g DT with 30g Fuge

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    Re: Chiller questions

    Pacific Coast is a good brand as well. Don't oversize the chiller too much. If the chiller doesn't run 20 minutes or so when its on it will have a shortened life span

    So you want it big, but not too big
    Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem - William of Ockham

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