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    Today we are taking a look at ME Coral's Carbon and GFO available at Premium Aquatics.

    ME Coral Carbon:
    ME Coral GFO:
    ME Coral GFO 4x:

    Granular Activated Carbon (Gac) removes organic compounds, medications,pollutants and other chemicals from our aquarium. It also removes yellowing from the water making it crystal clear and giving the inhabitants a healthier tank.

    Granular Ferric Oxide (Gfo) is the only chemical utilized by most reefers to reduce Phosphates (PO4). Elevated PO4 levels bring undesirable algae of all types and colors. These high levels are also detrimental to coral growth and color. Granular Ferric Oxide (Gfo) is the only chemical utilized by most sophisticated reefers to reduce Phosphates (PO4). ME HIGH CAPACITY GFO 4X is 4 times more effective at removing phosphate from seawater than regular GFO.

    Visit Premium Aquatics:

    For a chance to win the ME Coral Carbon and GFO:
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