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  1. PSU4ME


    Welcome. Have any pics?
  2. PSU4ME

    New and learning.

    @Jfschmidt tell us about your setup, what questions do you have?
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    A Picture A Day......

    Love it! These types of threads can be really fun if we can keep them going! I need to get my lens film out but I’m getting some sps love now
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    PSU’s Peninsula

    Oh boy, powah!
  5. PSU4ME

    PSU’s Peninsula

    Yeah it took some time but we didn’t want to butcher it. Tanks been running solid since the switch so this weekend I’m going to install the return manifold, the L2, uv sterilizer, get the fuge online and hopefully open up my aquarium engineering calcium reactor!! More pics to come
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    Tunze 9002 skimmer and other related parts

    That's a sweet longshot.....6 year old thread :)
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    PSU’s Peninsula

    More pics
  8. PSU4ME

    PSU’s Peninsula

    Well I finally did the sump conversion this Monday. Took two of us 11 hours to put the tank on life support, convert and run plumbing and get it all back online. Still lots to do but it’s running again.
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    Hello World!

    Yes, it looks great and my login finally works!
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    Fluval Sea Marine 3.0 into a RSM 250 hood?

    Glad it worked out. I know lots of folks mod the hood, just gotta find a way to make it work. pictures when you get a chance!
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    New User and New 32.5 gal

    Welcome and nice rock work! What are your stocking plans?
  12. PSU4ME

    PSU’s Peninsula

    He just had 25% off for Black Friday. Al of the above for $600 was a steal
  13. PSU4ME

    PSU’s Peninsula

    No water yet, plumbing it isn’t straight forward so deciding a plan, Get these in today from Battlecorals
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    Hi Kevin and welcome! What kind of a tank do you have?
  15. PSU4ME

    PSU’s Peninsula

    New sump is in!
  16. PSU4ME

    PSU’s Peninsula

    Got one coral responding to the new setup favorably! Hate this sideways upload - @Travis - this a setting we can change/update?
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    Red Sea Sump

    Hi Ann and welcome! @RedSeaKev - any suggestion on the best way to get a second pump? Have you tried eBay?
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    Juan's 300G+ Aparment Reef Tank Chronicle

    Long shot but you still out there @jpsika08? Any update on how you’re doing and the tank?
  19. PSU4ME

    Squatch's Continuing Adventure with a 40g breeder

    Any update on things?
  20. PSU4ME

    GlennF's 300 Gallon DSR mixed reef tank

    That is awesome, I guess they can retain enough moisture and “hibernate” fir long enough! Question on your Anthias, you QT them at all? Have a history of losing them one by one?