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  1. forestal

    Deep Sea Aquatics 190 tank/sump/plumbing for sale

    Hi All, After much thought i am downsizing and getting out of the hobby - my equipment for sale is as follows: 190 Pro (60.5"L x 27.5"W x 27.5"H) with 3 drain/2 return holes from Deep Sea Aquatics Sump DSA 13" wide, 48 " long, 16 " tall covers for tank and sump plumbing kit comes with - used...
  2. forestal

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome aboard and look forward to following your tank exploits :)
  3. forestal

    Trying to learn macro

    getting a little better with the settings and a macro lens (cheap one :) ) Purple plating montipora - tried to minimize the glare by tweaking it a bit - but looked kind of pretty with the colors Green Stylophora is starting to color up some Acan - hard to get from this angle...
  4. forestal

    Power outage

    i like to use a battery backup used for computers that will run the pumps for water flow and often a small heater, so it will kick on if power goes out. glad the power came on quick for you.
  5. forestal

    Strontium, Iodine, Silica, Boron, ORP

    Sea hem if it is simpler with another brand that would be great
  6. forestal

    Strontium, Iodine, Silica, Boron, ORP

    I got the strontium test kit and I have yet to do it - flashbacks of college chem lab as it complex :) - I am always hesitant to dose what I am not testing for
  7. forestal

    The Reef Sanctuary

    Make sure to feed your sun coral looks withdrawn but healthy Tank looks great a neat size
  8. forestal

    Encrusting Gonio?

    I would read about gonipora success by justin credabel who raises them to optimize feeding and care - but agree with other posts that your tank is likely too young and will make it more difficult Old link but he has a food he sells for them too
  9. forestal

    New coral, wish I knew what it was

    I agree - I would caution buying corals that you can't Id as it is important to know the requirements of your livestock . Water flow, lighting , feeding, all important with corals. And just because it looked sort of ok for a week in Los under certain lights wont change its preferences. I have...
  10. forestal

    Trying to learn macro

    thank you all for the kind replies -
  11. forestal

    Trying to learn macro

    Thanks very much
  12. forestal

    Trying to learn macro

    Hi all, thought I would post my attempts at macro I have a canon eos t3i - I take a lot of outdoor nature shots and classically use my zoom to take macros, but want to take better outdoor and aquarium shots. I got a macro lens f2.5 50mm to try out as I don't want to spend too much, but am...
  13. forestal

    Macro photography (corals and macroalgae)

    Fantastic shots - would you mind sharing how you take your shots -hope you don't mind me picking your brain I have canon t3i and have a low end macro f2.5 50mm Looking to get a rubber lens hood and get up against the glass with tripod low ISO. I don't think my lens lets me focus from so...
  14. forestal

    SPS Issues

    Agree with the coral self shading and perhaps some of the other corals using allelopathic chemicals to hit the when they are vulnerable I prefer to under skim and use water changes to keep phosphate down and only run carbon to prevent (hopefully) allelopathy. Another thought is feeding the...
  15. forestal

    My 90 gallon reef tank

    Very nice- how long have you had it set up looks well grown in
  16. forestal

    RoyB's 37g tank

    Often I see blooms like that when adding livestock and/or changing feeding routine and usually self resolve as long as readings run ok
  17. forestal

    SCASTILLO's 120G reef build.

    Gorgeous work I look forward to following.
  18. forestal

    What's wrong with my linkia?

    To my knowledge linkia are very hard to care for and little is known of their diet, they may take a year to starve to death so often they look pretty are sold all the time as if they are easy
  19. forestal

    My seahorses-Zeus and Athena

    Very nice I miss having ponies I have had erectus and kudas in past. Will enjoy watching them as you share pics
  20. forestal

    Seahorses and a new tank? Do captive bred really eat frozen myisis?

    I would encourage a lot of reading up on keeping sea horses before buying them. They are tough to keep and require 2-3 x a day feeding to keep them from starving and good water conditions. You have to be careful what other animals/fish to put with them as they puls be picked on. and to...