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    Equipment FS Radion xr30w pro gen 3 Protein skimmer and bio pellets.

    Used for a month or two and broke Down the tank its been in my basement for a while and make my final decition in not get back to the hobby. Radio xr30w pro gen 3 $400 Shipped Reef Octupus SRO 1000 int. $100 Shipped Reeflo BlackFin Pump with 3 impeller (1900- 2600-3600)$150 shipped Reef Octopus...
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    Clownfish Broodstock..

    Got Promoted at work and I won't have the time anymore to raise my clownfish looking to sell all my spawning pairs... 1. Picasso female/ Bloddy Vampire pair 2. Nebula Grade A/ Bloody Vampire pair 3. Nebula Grade B/ Bloody Vampire pair 4. Bali p1 helmet/ Black Picasso pair 5. Mochavinci Grade a/...
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    Bloody Vampire's Picassos FS.

    Of coarse if I get to sell at least one. it looks like people have lost interest in clownfish.
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    Bloody Vampire's Picassos FS.

    Here's an example of the markings on one of our offspring.
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    Bloody Vampire's Picassos FS.

    The name came of some of the offspring having markings that look like fangs on the lower jaw now not all of them have this markings. Also to note that the linage of these fish has been refreshed to become with a new blood line with a PNG Wild caught picasso. This fish also have snowcaso and...
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    Bloody Vampire's Picassos FS.

    Here's a video of a few from the same batch these have been selected and purchased by breeders and are getting in the process to pair up. Just to show the potential of this line of clownfish.
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    Bloody Vampire's Picassos FS.

    Too 10 clowns of this batch for sale last week and just have this two left. Price it's $250 each plus shipping this clownfish are beautiful..
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    LFS didn't know the name, can you help?

    It's an A. Austera
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    Any recommendations on feeding a picky flame angel?

    I feed fresh mussels to picky angelfish it seems to work thats how I got my regal trio to start eating.
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    High end Sticks..

    Need to trim the tank. All frags are cut to order and will ship 7-10 days from when I receive payment. Shipping is $60 via FedEx Priority Overnight by 10:30am. Any orders over $400 receive free shipping. Standard DOA policy- must notify me within 2 hours of arrival and have picture of frag in...
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    My two reef tanks.

    Maxima clam