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    Hobby Retirement *Stuff For Sale*

    My books: The Conscientious Marine Aquarist by Robert M. Fenne... - eBay (item 220474684211 end time Sep-08-09 11:45:48 PDT)
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    WTB: 48" Metal Halide/T5 Fixture

    $400 Where do you live? It has to sets of moonlights
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    WTB: 48" Metal Halide/T5 Fixture

    I have a: Good little unit, sold the livestock, equipment is next: Current USA 48" 2x 150w HQI Aquarium Halide Fixture w/ 2 new (May 09") Ushio 14K bulbs
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    Hobby Retirement *Stuff For Sale*

    Selling off the rest of my hobby "stuff" feel free to check it out: Saltwater Hobby Portable Refractometer 4 Salinity Tests - eBay (item 220472353350 end time Sep-03-09 12:22:15 PDT)
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    48" MH Light Fixture w/ bulbs

    Good little unit, sold the livestock, equipment is next: Current USA 48" 2x 150w HQI Aquarium Halide Fixture w/ 2 new (May 09") Ushio 14K bulbs $500 OBO, send an email ( if interested, must sell will accept highest offer. Thanks for looking. Also, feel free...
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    Show Off Your Anemone

    Besides wow... I was curious elegance if you had a thread about your H. magnifica pictured above, ive love to hear about your success's having one and what you did to keep it so happy
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    What size tanks are we talking about?
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    I cant answer your question but I do know that Octo is notorious for having TERRIBLE customer service. What size tank are you skimmer shopping for, how'd you narrow it done to these two.
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    Show Off Your Anemone

    Can we get those purdy Anemone shoots all organize. Im in the market for one and want you to inspire all of us!!!
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    WANTED: CPR BakPaK 2

    I know 2 guys selling CPR2, may I ask what size tank and why not a used Remora which I also know a guy is selling.... lemme know
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    Witty's Monster 210 Experiment

    Witty, you old SOB, years later im still bugging you for a pic update.... lets make it easy this time and dont make me beg like the old days
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    OT: Forum Game

    For those of you who havent seen this yet: VonDutch - MyMiniCity Its getting pretty popular and you dont have to do any work for it to grow. Kind of nice, and its a keeper for the bored at work people.
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    OT: Forum Game

    Thanks guys. Yea Witty its been a rough event lately, but I wouldnt change it for the world.
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    OT: Forum Game

    Re: Forum Game It is pretty interesting, I think. And it gets better if you put the effort in. If you dont communicate with other countries, then it could be slow/boring. But posting was never a weakness of mine
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    OT: Forum Game

    I know I know, its been awhile. Hi Donnie, dont think I forgot about the cookies! Well I found something that I wanted to share with you forum-heads: Okay, this link I have is for a forum game. I just learned about it. What the deal is, you get a country, like Saudi Arabia. And you use...
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    Detrius Build-Up Problem

    Im havin some serious flow problems, and im just now startin to address them. But i would like your help. The problem in the tank is phosphates are high and i believe my source is from the detrius buildup in the low flow areas. So i just need to increase my flow right, well thats easier said...
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    goin to jamaica mon

    Heres my experince: my buddy was flying up from FL, and he was going to give me a frag out of his tank. He called the airport ahead of time, and since the coral would of been in water, they said no, since the no liquid effect was in place at the time (may still be) Just a little FYI Jiddy
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    I use myspace all the time, its an easy ways to send emails to friends. i dont see how anyone can bash it, unless your referring to people like my little sister who use like a cellphone to document everything they do and give out there "address" to guys at the bus station. I think its setup for...
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    dying coral

    1. List your parameters 2. Tank sounds pretty full for only being setup for 2.5months, maybe you over did it, start slow and have patience 3. Dont buy fish without seein them eat at the LFS, QT new fish and treat fish in the QT tank. 4. Do a search for research on certain medication, im not...
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    Tube Worm Pest

    That'd be them Woody, thanks for the reply. Do they hurt anything?