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  1. bluespotjawfish

    Reef Breeders Proton LED Anyone else using this light? I love it and so reasonably priced too. The 48 regular is perfect for a 4' tank...the light itself is about 42 inches. I am using legs for mine but it also comes with a hanging kit. The 48 long would be great for a...
  2. bluespotjawfish

    Noise - need help

    I just set up a DSA 135 using two Sicce 4.0 return pumps. The noise is awful! I need ideas on how to fix the vibration noise. Maybe something I could place under the pump?
  3. bluespotjawfish

    Bluespot's Fantabulous Four Foot

    Starting my build of a DSA 135. So far I have some smelly rocks. Tank should be here on the 30th. Equipment is ready and waiting: Coralife 300 Skimmer Sicce 400 return pumps Rio 200 for the refugium Tunze Osmolater for ATO Bubble Magnus for dosing Reef Keeper controller Kalk Reactor Still...
  4. bluespotjawfish

    ORP Dropping?

    My tank's ORP is typically over 400. A few weeks ago I noticed it was in the mid 300s. This morning it was down around 300. Today post water change it is about 290. I need help determining the possible cause. ORP Probe on Aqua Controller gone bad? Tank trying to crash? ...
  5. bluespotjawfish

    Lighting - What would you do?

    Well, my Aqua Medic Pendants continue to trip my GFCI outlets and it seems to be happening more frequently. Been going on for a long time. Trying to trouble shoot, but have come to the point that I think I want to replace them. I purchased a Hamilton 150w pendent about amonth ago for the...
  6. bluespotjawfish

    MH question

    I have ran Aqua Medic Pendants for a long time now. Just replaced the bulbs today (Hamilton 14k) and the two bulbs are totally different colors. Is my ballast going out or do I have a defective bulb? The ballast is a dual electronic ballast. Couldn't tell you if it was doing anything like...
  7. bluespotjawfish

    My 150g Texas Adventure

    My new 150g tank in San Antonio Texas...about 10 days after transferring my existing livestock from Utah. Mr. Palani now lives in a much larger tank in Cedar City and we still miss him. My Bluespot Jawfish and Picasso Clownfish pairs made the move with my corals. My picasso's in...
  8. bluespotjawfish

    Chiller Recommendations Needed

    With my move to Texas, I'm going to need a chiller. The tank is 150 gallons. I want something energy efficient, quiet, and reliable. Any recommendations?
  9. bluespotjawfish

    Return Pump for 150 wide?

    I'm in the process of purchasing a 150 wide for the new place. It will have a single corner overflow. The bulkhead drain will be 1-1/2 inches (which they say will handle up to 1500 gph. The tank package quoted included a 2500 Rio pump for the return pump. That seems strange to me. Is that...
  10. bluespotjawfish

    The BEST Bluespot Video Ever - Breeding Behavior

    Well, I finally found a way to upload the best video I took of BJ and The Misses a few weeks ago. I posted most the videos already, but this is by far the best one.
  11. bluespotjawfish

    Blue Zoo Aquatics Bluespot Jawfish Article & 50% Off Sale

    Blue Zoo Aquatics has Bluespots 50% off Blue Spot Jawfish - Opistognathus rosenblatti This is an article from their June newsletter.
  12. bluespotjawfish

    Video and Pics Bluespot Breeding Behavior

    This morning I was just watching the tank and captured some great video. The Misses is fully gorged now, and this morning started coming over to BJ's den and sitting in it for about a minute at a time. I have seen this 3 times this morning and BJ is flashing away like a proud papa. My video...
  13. bluespotjawfish

    The Move to San Antonio

    I am in the process of relocating to San Antonio so I thought I would start a thread about the move. I'm going to need advice along the way to take care of my fishies and corals as well. Today we had a BIG open house. It was a lot like walking into a fish store at my place. Had a good turn...
  14. bluespotjawfish

    Tank Setup for Breeding Pair of Bluespot Jawfish - What Would You Do?

    Well, no, BJ is still just flashing and going to stay in the 125, but let's have some discussion on this... How big/dimensions of tank would you get? What type of lighting? How much live rock? How much rubble (on top of or mixed in with sand)? How much sand, what type? What...
  15. bluespotjawfish

    nudi ID help please - late night visitor

    Anyone able to help with an ID - good or bad? It's about an 1" in length, found it on the glass tonight after lights out.
  16. bluespotjawfish

    American Cancer Society - Request for Donations

    I am participating in the Relay for Life in Twin Falls, Idaho to raise donations for the American Cancer Society. This is for a great cause, as cancer has taken many loved ones from us. :heart: Please donate if you can :heart: My company matches contributions made on my behalf! Here's...
  17. bluespotjawfish

    55 gallons of veggies and Allard Clowns

    I guess it's time for me to unveil the new 55. This was formerly my anemone/clown tank. Everything but the Allards were moved to the new 65 that I won in a raffle. This tank was supposed to come down so that I could stay married. After all, who really needs 3 tanks! Well, a few weeks...
  18. bluespotjawfish

    Marine Depot, Foster and Smith, AquaCave, Champion Lighting

    3 out of 4 ain't bad! I've made several orders recently and have been very satisfied with all of them, except Champion Lighting. I'm still waiting for my package that I ordered in December. I expected a slight delay because of the holidays, but I didn't even get notified that there was a...
  19. bluespotjawfish

    Invert Ideas for 65 w-Green Carpet?

    I'm looking for some ideas of some inverts that will add some interest to my 65g setup. I have an assortment of snails and crabs, an anemone crab, and a peppermint shrimp. Maybe even a sexy shrimp, but I haven't seen him since the move. Wonder which of these would work the best considering...
  20. bluespotjawfish

    White nudi - Good or Bad?

    It was attached to my purple sea fan. It is 1/2-3/4" long ???????