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  1. Setragni

    New Store in South Florida

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but there is a new Local Fish Store in Sunrise Fl. On the corner of Sunset Strip and University Dr. 2111 N University Dr. Sunrise, FL
  2. Setragni

    Question about Neptune Controllers...

    I see that the apex controllers have a lot of upgrades, I want to control, lighting, temperature, PH and ORP. Would I be able to do this with the Apex Jr if I buy the correct upgrades... Are there upgrades that do not work with the JR. version? Thanks
  3. Setragni

    Need your help guys... Please

    Hello, After a while away from the forums I once again need advice from the more experienced reefers around here... Here is the deal, I decided to setup a new tank and after a few days of cycle I decided to turn on the skimmer... It went crazy and produced a soap like foam, with a weird smell...
  4. Setragni

    PO4 in 0 TDS Water!

    I have been in a loosing battle with phosphates for a while. After dozens of tests i found out that my RODI unit is not removing any phosphates from the water. Membranes are 4 months old and TDS is 4 after RO and 0 after DI. PO4 on tap water is 0.11 and after RODI its still 0.11. Btw im...
  5. Setragni

    For those using 2 or more MPw ES

    My first question is would 2 MP10 be enough on a SPS 57g 36x18x21 tank be enough or should i go with a 10 and a 40? Second I plan to run the pumps on reefcrest mode is that mode wireless compatible, I mean are the pumps going to sync on reefcrest? Thanks in advance. Edit: I already have an...
  6. Setragni

    6 X T5 Combo Question.

    As some of you may know I sold my 2 Ai Sol Super Blue and went back to T5s. ATM im using the Following Combo: front Blue + Purple + Blue + Coral + Blue + Blue + My question is if anyone is using this combo with a GE6500 instead of the Coral+ or one of the blue +, Im wondering how it...
  7. Setragni

    Help with Bailing Method.

    Im sure this has been discussed before but I couldnt find. I need information about the balling system. I have been reading and noticed that there are several different methods. How do I find out which is the best for my tank. And most important where can i buy all the chemicals used to create...
  8. Setragni

    2 AI Sol LED units

    Two black AI Sol super blue ($400 each online) controller ($79 online) Hanging kit ($40 online) 36" mounting rails($50 online) Units 3 months old Asking $800 for everything OBO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Setragni

    AI SOLL VS ATI 6x39W

    Hi, Im thinking about switching from AI Sols to T5s. I cant get the coloration I want out of the sols and big part of my corals change colors drastically under LEDs. with that said I have a few questions for you guys. 1. I was thinking the best option would be an ATI fixture. What is your...
  10. Setragni

    Wrasse ID Help Please!

    I got this wrasse today and have been told its a mystery wrasse. It looks like one but does not have the black dot on the tail. What is it then? Im not sure if every mystery wrasse has the dot on the tail tho. Sorry for the crappy iphone pic Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Setragni

    SWC160 vs SRO1000 vs NAC7.

    Im getting one of those for my 60G + 20G sump build. Which one would you get and why? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Setragni

    How mean/docile is your 6 line?

    I noticed a few flatworms on my frogspawn today and im thinking about adding a six line to try to control it while the numbers are still small. But I know they can be mean sometimes. Im not done adding fish after her. Please share your experience with this fish. Or if you know of any other...
  13. Setragni

    Help with skimmer choice please.

    I have a 60g rimless with a proflex model 2 sump. And a 10 x 10 inches area for a skimmer. I have been looking at the reef dynamics and octopus so far. Please help me choose the best skimmer i can fit in my sump. Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Setragni

    AI Sol position

    Hey guys, my new tank is a 57G deep blue rimless. Foot print 36" x 18". My new Sol is arriving this week and what do you think would be the best way to hang them. Parallel or perpendicular to the tank? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Setragni

    How much is my tank worth?

    I am going to upgrade soon. When that time comes I will be selling my RSM 130D. I am trying to figure out how much I should ask for it on craigslist. I will be selling the tank with: Original hood (never used) Original pumps (1.5 years old) Stealth heater Eshopps overflow Box Eshhops 20g...
  16. Setragni

    Pellet training.

    I picked up a longnose hawk fish from a friend. The problem is my friend only feed his fish with frozen/live food. I do pellets and frozen once a week. The longnose has no interest for my pellets. I tried soaking the it in the mysis shrimp and tried both mixed up. He wont eat the pellets...
  17. Setragni

    2012 PBMAS coral swap tomorrow, are you ready?

    Who here is going? Ill be there 11am. Will be picking up some acans, zoas, a clam and a scolly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Setragni

    55G dimensions. Good or bad?

    I came across a very good deal on a 55G 48 x 12.5 x 21. That 12.5 really bothers me. Im thinking its going to be hard to build a nice aquascape. What do you think 48 x 12.5 x 21. Good for a reef tank or not? Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Setragni

    Setragni's RSM 130 v. 2.0 ( Now with a sump)

    I am done setting up my sump. Eshopps overflow box. As predicted I had to cut the plastic on the back. Sump is a Eshopps WD 100. I am going to put an extra baffle on the second chamber later on. And then make the first one a refugium. For now the first chamber is going to have live rock in...
  20. Setragni

    Setragni's new sump project.

    I have been doing some research and decided To build myself a sump for the RSM130. I'll post pictures of the sump later. But first I'd like the opinion of RS members in regards to my equipment choice. I bought a Eshopps PF-300 overflow, my return pump is a DB triton 3 dual pump and I also got a...