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  1. Kremlin

    Anemone Problem

    I put mine in a month after my tank was set up and its still alive and happy 8 months later. What are your params?
  2. Kremlin

    Fox Face

    Urchins are GREAT algae eaters IMO. U could probably get a red or blue tuxedo urchin. They stay pretty small. I have three in my 180 and they keep the rocks pretty clean.
  3. Kremlin

    Adding a tang with a powder brown

    My powder brown lives with a blue tang and they get along fine. White spots might be marine ich, though.
  4. Kremlin

    Adding a tang with a powder brown

    +1 powder browns are really aggressive.
  5. Kremlin

    Would you put a Yellow Tang in this tank?

    Not big enough to keep a yellow tang long term, like what Yorkie said. You would need to get a bigger tank eventually :)
  6. Kremlin

    Yellow tang Help!

    I caught it and moved but when i checked on him this morning, he was dead. :waa::waa::waa::waa: I had been feeding him a lot, including nori sheets, but he was still getting thinner.
  7. Kremlin

    Yellow tang Help!

    I came home and found him like this. He has been getting skinnier lately, tho. Any ideas to what this is? Or how to treat it?
  8. Kremlin

    Yellow tang Help!

  9. Kremlin

    Red stripe angel and powder brown fighting

    Yeah my Powder brown stopped after the first day :)
  10. Kremlin

    Red stripe angel and powder brown fighting

    That same thing happened when i got a watanabe angelfish. My powder brown bullied it for a day, but he stopped bullying it after. A 75 gallon is a little small for a 5-6 inch powder brown though.
  11. Kremlin

    Urchin Relocates Zoanthids

    My urchin has been carrying around zoas for 6 months and they are still doing good!
  12. Kremlin

    just starting out with my reef tank

    My leather does that once a month or so, its a natural way of keeping it clean :)
  13. Kremlin

    VOTE for October's TOTM!

  14. Kremlin

    A Picture A Day......

    Here is a vid of my filefish eating frozen brine. Its a female :)
  15. Kremlin

    Can a fish throw up?

    They can from my experience. My yellow tang has thrown up before.
  16. Kremlin

    Coral ID

    Pillar montipora maybe? heres a pic of mine
  17. Kremlin

    A Picture A Day......

    MY new orange spot filefish from DD. Eats frozen food
  18. Kremlin

    Cuc - What would you recommend?

    IMO I would try an urchin. They are really efficient algae eaters and some can be very colorful :)