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    Hobby Retirement *Stuff For Sale*

    Selling off the rest of my hobby "stuff" feel free to check it out: Saltwater Hobby Portable Refractometer 4 Salinity Tests - eBay (item 220472353350 end time Sep-03-09 12:22:15 PDT)
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    48" MH Light Fixture w/ bulbs

    Good little unit, sold the livestock, equipment is next: Current USA 48" 2x 150w HQI Aquarium Halide Fixture w/ 2 new (May 09") Ushio 14K bulbs $500 OBO, send an email ( if interested, must sell will accept highest offer. Thanks for looking. Also, feel free...
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    Show Off Your Anemone

    Can we get those purdy Anemone shoots all organize. Im in the market for one and want you to inspire all of us!!!
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    OT: Forum Game

    I know I know, its been awhile. Hi Donnie, dont think I forgot about the cookies! Well I found something that I wanted to share with you forum-heads: Okay, this link I have is for a forum game. I just learned about it. What the deal is, you get a country, like Saudi Arabia. And you use...
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    Detrius Build-Up Problem

    Im havin some serious flow problems, and im just now startin to address them. But i would like your help. The problem in the tank is phosphates are high and i believe my source is from the detrius buildup in the low flow areas. So i just need to increase my flow right, well thats easier said...
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    Tube Worm Pest

    Ive noticed these spiral tube wormlike pest start to mulitply in my tank, and wanted to know what they are. They are pretty small, but release a spiderweb like string that flows in the tank. I added some sand the other day and some sand was caught in the worms string, it really showed that there...
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    My DIY canopy

    Heres my gameplan. Im going to run a three 400w setup. Thinking of making it look like sparky's setup. Wanted to go with these items: 3 IceCap 400 Watt Electronic Metal Hallide Ballast- found a price of $175 a piece. (I want the 110v ballast right?)...
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    Complaint for WITTY

    Out of curiousity do you think we could have the monthly picture winner also list the camera they used to snap the shot?:wit:
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    Diving in Guam

    Im currently on "vacation" in Guam and while i was here i got scuba cert. and took some snap shots with my Canon A610. To me the experience was a once in a lifetime rush of amazement, it was literally like finding a new world under the water. Ive encountered seaturtles, fish ive seen in the...
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    Light Question

    If you were me and wanted to upgrade your tank lighting (220gal which is 30" Deep) from the 4 VHO's you had in there, what would you get and where would you get it. I have gotten all the links that lead me to funny PAR and LUX equations and graphs, i just want to know what you would do. I was...
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    New stuff for Jiddy

    Just got my order, looks good, have some questions (have to you make you earn your pictures, lol) Of course ill take some shots! Just got my package a while ago and seen that my boy John threw in some other stuff as well, i see i got some fire&ice zoo's and those pimp...
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    Differant brands

    Differant brands Is there a place to find out what brands of ballast and reflectors are good for the money. I wanted to get some 400w setup and have found some cheap stuff on Ebay, have no idea if its a good brand or not.
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    Hippo with Ich

    i found my Hippo in my 220 was scratchin on the rock, after examing him i found little white dots which appear to be ich, the only other guys in the tank are a YT and 8 Chromis, none which seem to have symptoms. The Hippo is eating Nori, Brine, and Flake and seems to be happy, with the exception...
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    Jiddy Kills Again

    :cry1: I have a 220AGA with 8 chromis and a friendly YT, i was worried but i added a smaller blue tang to the tank, everything went great and the two tangs love eachother, they always rubbin eachother and kissin. Well my YT is the biggest fish and the boss of the tank, but she is also a scardy...
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    Okay. couple of things. I will be aqauscapin my aquarium AGAIN for a couple of reasons, hopefully this weekend. (Im sure PufferPrincess is reading this like "WHAT?") but i had to ask some questions. I am redo'ing it because the way it is setup now, you can only put corals on top, its not like a...
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    MIA clown

    I have a 220 that is all cycled and been keepin a damsel and YT in there for a while now. I went to buy 2 clowns from my LFS, the clowns were acclimated for about 5hrs because i was tryin to catch the damsel, lol. Well i put both the clowns in the water and they loved it, they same all around...
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    WTB: Clam

    I did a little research and found the derasa clam should do fine under my VHO (4x160w) but it likes sand. Well my tank is 30in deep so that would really cut down on the light it recieve, i dont even keep my xenia that low, what should i do?
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    WTB: Percs

    I am going to buy a pair of percs or ocell's, just wanted a recommendation on where to buy them? LFS isnt an option
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    Minium 10gal req

    Im going to be settin up a 10g Qtank, would like to know the minimum equipment requirements
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    Jiddy 220 *something clever*

    :redcar: Would you believe me if i told you there is a passenger in the car? Well here it is, my first SW tank. When i was a little kid my mother let me have a 10g with those big eyed goldfish. Thats how i got started in keepin fish alive. As i got older the fish turned into piranha's...