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  1. PSU4ME

    Inflation Fears - what do you stock up on?

    Wondering how folks might be safe guarding themselves against inflation, supply chain issues and sadly I must throw war into this conversation. I have enough stock here for a bit but no I’m starting to wonder if I need more. What do you all think?
  2. PSU4ME

    OT: Happy Mother’s Day!

    To all you wonderful mother’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day!!
  3. PSU4ME

    KP Aquatics Live Rock

    Has anyone ever gotten rock for KP Aquatics? I’m looking to do a full swap of my initially dead but still not very alive live rock with their rock. Got it sent airport to airport and I’m picking it up in 2 hours. Would love to hear other’s experience - will post mine here as well!
  4. PSU4ME

    ICP Tests

    Who does them and which company do you like? After watching $1200 worth of sps STN I’m looking for a problem outside of parameter swings and I’m leaning this way. Thanks!!
  5. PSU4ME

    Adding live rock

    Hi, Looking to understand if it’s safe to add live rock to a clean system. I bought some live rock fresh from the ocean...... 3 day shipped, stunk pretty bad but I’ve got it to a point where the extra tank it’s in is holding the ammonia in check. I want to add this LR to my established tank...
  6. PSU4ME

    Acclimation boxes

    What do folks use for this? I’m thinking nems, wrasses etc. Who uses what product?
  7. PSU4ME

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to our Reef Sanctuary family! Hope everyone is safe and enjoying time with their (immediate) family!!
  8. PSU4ME


    Hi Everyone! It's been some time since I've had a tank (5 years) so I've not been around much but now that I'm back.....boy I’d love to hear from all the friends I've made over the years. Back in the late 90's I had a 90 gallon tank that I sold a basketball sized purple rimmed monti to...
  9. PSU4ME

    New Toys?

    Hey Guys and Gals! I figured I’d start a thread to see what everyone got for their tanks now that the holidays are coming to an end. New, upgrades, it all counts! Lots of year end deals so let’s hear what you got! I’ll start: Starting a new build, a waterbox 6026 peninsula tank! Lots more...
  10. PSU4ME

    Anyone is Giesemann Aurora?

    I’m looking to see if anyone has thoughts on the giesemann Aurora? Looking to light my peninsula with it and I see mixed reviews online but a consistently high price tag lol. would welcome any thoughts!
  11. PSU4ME

    PSU’s Peninsula

    Well folks we started off with getting a small cube style tank “just for the kids”...... and it led to me purchasing a new Waterbox 6026 peninsula tank. 60”x26”x24 with roughly 180 gallons in the system before sand/rock displacement. More to come as it comes together but the process has begun!!
  12. PSU4ME

    New Red Sea Tanks, XL 200/300

    Does anyone know when the new tank will be available for purchase? These are the XL 200 and 300 tanks that were announced in October and it stated "early 2020". I was considering the reefer 250 but after finding out the stand was MDF my fears of a tank on the floor surfaced and pushed me to...
  13. PSU4ME

    Saltwater and Septic Tanks

    While at times a bad SW tank can smell like a septic tank (you know that smell....) but I’m looking to understand your experiences with draining SW “changes” in the septic tank. Do you do it? What’s good, what’s bad? Does it cause problems? Would love to hear thoughts and experiences. thanks!!
  14. PSU4ME

    Kids want a “Nemo”.....

    Hey Everyone! Long time no chat so I hope everyone is doing well! As some of you remember, I used to have a 120g tank with a few corals the first the most part grew and didn’t die. My kids (3 and 5) have been begging me for a fish tank and I was looking to do something easy so I was looking...
  15. PSU4ME

    Happy Mother's Day

    Just wanted to say happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Go upgrade your skimmer, you deserve it!!!
  16. PSU4ME

    Ultimate Fish Tank Room

    Hi All, Over the next few months I'm going to be designing my basement build and I wanted to start getting ideas for what to build into the fish tank room. Looking for ideas of things you've done or have wanted to do so please fire away! Things like: - a floor drain - exhaust fan - etc etc...
  17. PSU4ME

    About Reef Sanctuary

    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to take a few seconds to say thank you to all of our members who have made RS a great place. I am a member of a few forums and I'll say that hands down, RS is the friendliest and most informative place on the web! What we have here is a special and open forum for...
  18. PSU4ME

    Finding Similar Threads

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to toss out a tip that might help some of us. I'm sure you've all thought about wanting to start a thread and thinking "someone must have asked this question before".........well there is a solution for this! When you go to start a thread, you are asked to title it...
  19. PSU4ME

    Acrylic Tanks

    Hi Folks! I'm starting to plan out a future build so I can see how much cash I'm going to need to swindle from my son's college fund (he's only 9 months so we have time :)). My questions in on acrylic tanks. I have learned/read/heard the following and I would like to get some experience on the...
  20. PSU4ME

    Oh My!

    Look what daddy is picking up this weekend!!!!!