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  1. hma

    UV Sterilizer - Suggested Flow Rates

    Hi Ed, thanks for your email and greetings from Durban/South-Afrika where I am currently for business. First of all, there is the rule "The slower, the better the effect ". In your case, this means 1200 gph are much, much too fast , at such a high flow rate is almost no sterilization...
  2. hma

    Need help with ID a fish

    ... and here is a second of which I know nothing. Maybe someone here can even help ? Thanks
  3. hma

    Need help with ID a fish

    Hello buddies, need after a long time once again your help. Who knows this fish ? the picture was taken along the coastline of California in a kelp forrest. Thanks in advanced
  4. hma

    Carbon source dosing

    hi buddies ;) hi BigJay and thanks for your eMail ..... vodca dosing is EASY going and def. NOT Dangerous. Exactly as you describe last Big Jay you have to act (use a loading phase up until you have an observed point of bacterial overload and stepping back the dosage from there) .... Start...
  5. hma

    Periclimenes Species ?

    Hi Leslie and thank you very much for your statement, it is just the same which have taken all my friends here in Europe ;) A more accurate ID is currently not possible.
  6. hma

    June 2010 POTM Contest!

    Hi Bren :flower:
  7. hma

    Periclimenes Species ?

    I don't know. So, what do you think it is? A shrimp of course, a cleaner shrimp, that's for sure .... but which one? The pic was taken in Sulawesi - Lembeh street. At first I thought of Belize, but that is incorrect. My dive-diary says Lembeh street - Sulawesi.
  8. Clarkii fry's short befor they hatch ;)

    Clarkii fry's short befor they hatch ;)

  9. hma

    need once again your help !

    Hi buddies, perhaps I should briefly describe my impressions on this ID! I think the ID, at least concerning the assignment to the species, is correct. There are no really good pictures of this kind so far, all images I could find are from Randall and only good to count the spines of the fin's...
  10. hma

    ~Woody's 120 Escapade~

    Hi Doni-Marie, just stopping in ;) Nice reservoir you have, looks very similar to mine ;) . Do you mix your fresh salt water in the tank underneath?
  11. hma

    sambrinar's 75 gals office sanity

    Hi Bren, just stopping in ;)
  12. hma

    Lynn and Frank's saltwater adventure.

    Hi Lynn, just stopping in ;) Try GIMP , there is not missing much on the quality of Photoshop CS5 and the best .... it's FREE !
  13. hma

    A 55G link in the Golden Chain

    Really, really nice pictures Jeff :hallo:
  14. hma

    need once again your help !

    Hi Buddies, of course befor I asked here on RS I have searched all available sources, including fishbase. As even IFM GEOMAR, one of the most renowned institutions in Germany could not help, I also in all my books on fish identification (and I'm really have as good as any recent) could find...
  15. hma

    June 2010 POTM Contest!

    @goldenmean nice shot Jeff ;), who knows how choose the user ultimately ? Already been reached the strangest Results. So, who knows ? But, which of the three images should I use? Cirrhilabrus scottorum Pterosynchiropus splendidus Amphiprion clarkii -...
  16. hma

    Picture of a Margined Dottyback ?

    Hi buddies, I'm looking for a picture of a Pholidochromis cf marginata (Margined Dottyback) for Reeflex, of course with all credits to the author. Would be great if someone could help me.
  17. hma

    need once again your help !

    Hi Boomer, greetings from Klaus. Was just able to talk to him. He told me that his English is not sufficient to write directly to you. No problem at all, I take over the role of the interpreter. Klaus said the following about the origin of the Blenny. "I only have two photos of the Blenny...
  18. hma

    HMA’s 115 gal. Reef Tank

    Heya Mario , nice to see you are still around :hallo:
  19. hma

    need once again your help !

    One more time thanks for your engagement Boomer ;) The picture is from Klaus Schatz, maybe you know him too? I send him your information and expect his answer.
  20. hma

    Does anyone know this grouper?

    Noop .... just because of the appearance of head, body and fins was clearly apparent, it is a largemouth, but which one. Well, the question has been answered, a semi-adult Plectropomus laevis. He is still not fully adult and that was the mind-challenging when trying to identify it. The...