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  1. bluespotjawfish

    White dots growing on rocks?

    No problem. Most won't survive.
  2. bluespotjawfish

    Reef Breeders Proton LED

    I have the fixture and it is a great light for the price. I only run at less than 50%. I wouldn't spend 3 times that price for a light. Corners are fine with the 42" on a 48" tank. The 24" spread is a bit short but adequate. 5 year warranty.
  3. bluespotjawfish

    Reef Breeders Proton LED Anyone else using this light? I love it and so reasonably priced too. The 48 regular is perfect for a 4' tank...the light itself is about 42 inches. I am using legs for mine but it also comes with a hanging kit. The 48 long would be great for a...
  4. bluespotjawfish

    Red Sea Max 250 leaking

    I would seek advice from rea sea tech support so that it is repaired correctly.
  5. bluespotjawfish

    Full-Tank Friday!

    DSA 135 tank August 2015, just starting out.
  6. bluespotjawfish

    Bluespot's Fantabulous Four Foot

    I haven't yet, but I will on occasion. They are addictive! Austin Aquafarms is a great source if you are interested. Very reasonably priced.
  7. bluespotjawfish

    Bluespot's Fantabulous Four Foot

    Oh look at me!
  8. bluespotjawfish

    Bluespot's Fantabulous Four Foot

    I have most my corals Lots of frogspawn and hammers, fox corals, brains, trumpets, elegance, duncans, zoos, acans. Trio of anthias and yellowheaded jaw fish are loving the place to themselves. Not happy with the flow in the tank. It's a bit harsh in some areas. I had hoped my vortechs could...
  9. bluespotjawfish

    Bluespot's Fantabulous Four Foot

    Glued a few more corals to rocks. Fighting with my snails and large crabs :guns::crab4::hermit:
  10. bluespotjawfish

    Moving and Need Advice/Suggestions

    Battery air pumps for the fish. Temp control is the most important thing. Start as early in the day as you can. Think about how heavy water and rock is and pack according to how much you want to carry. 5 gallon buckets, Rubbermaid containers, coolers, styrofoam boxes if they don't leak. A...
  11. bluespotjawfish

    Bluespot's Fantabulous Four Foot

    Sand arrive Friday. Hubby put it in the tank. Then we added the rest of the rock that just finished cycling Saturday morning. Saturday I also made my screen tops and then my clean up crew and first round of corals arrived. The light also arrived later in the day. Today I put in the other...
  12. bluespotjawfish

    Girlys' new 90 gal

    Looks like fun! I would add a lot more snails and crabs. Banded trochus, blue leg crab, verity snails, emerald crabs, nassaris (sp?) etc. The ones that do the real cleaning. For the most part, what you have added won't do much to control the algae. I use about 1 per gallon of snails, same...
  13. bluespotjawfish

    Noise - need help

    I just set up a DSA 135 using two Sicce 4.0 return pumps. The noise is awful! I need ideas on how to fix the vibration noise. Maybe something I could place under the pump?
  14. bluespotjawfish

    Bluespot's Fantabulous Four Foot

    What do you do when you can't sleep? Yip finish filling up the tank. Just about there. I scrubbed the live rock batch last night and added it to the display. I'm still filling the sump and refugium. It's been tricky since I am mixing the saltwater directly in the tank. Difficult to know...
  15. bluespotjawfish

    Bluespot's Fantabulous Four Foot

    The tank is in the house. Basic install complete. A few piece of broken equipment to contend with and no lights yet, but I got RO running into it. Precision Marine has awesome customer service. I pulled my old Kalk reactor out of storage to find a screw was broken. Gave them a call and it...
  16. bluespotjawfish

    Hello All

    what cleanup crew do you have? And you nitrate levels? Do you use a phosphate remover?
  17. bluespotjawfish

    Bluespot's Fantabulous Four Foot

    finally the dry rock in the brute has Nitrites. The live rock still in route is on th e truck out for delivery.
  18. bluespotjawfish

    Nicks RSM 250 (sorta)

    Wow, nicely organized!
  19. bluespotjawfish

    Bluespot's Fantabulous Four Foot

    Patiently waiting for the rest of my rocks. Ordered them before anything else, eons ago. Expected them today when they didn't arrive last week. Supposed to be Wednesday now. Will order 150 lbs of live sand this weekend for arrival the following Wednesday. The dry rock in the brute is still...
  20. bluespotjawfish

    Bluespot's Fantabulous Four Foot

    A bit of history...I still miss my old tanks. My 125 was my first saltwater. Boy, can't believe how I kept that tank. So many mistakes and it thrived. Tap water, mixing my saltwater in the sump. Yeah, that was me back then. We cried when after over 10 years it crashed in 2006 after a water...